Tarzan - Season 1

The WB (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • The End of the Beginning
    When the police finally capture Jane, Tarzan agrees to turn himself in to Richard in exchange for Jane's safety and freedom. With Tarzan in his clutches, Richard attempts to have him declared legally insane so that he can claim legal custody of him and his Greystoke shares. Meanwhile, Kathleen fights to free them both.moreless
  • For Love of Country
    When Tarzan and Jane flee into the mountains to escape the vengeful cops seeking to arrest them, a car accident leaves them stranded in the woods where Jane must place her trust in Tarzan and rely on his jungle skills to survive.
  • Surrender
    Episode 6
    Donald Ingram, the lone witness to Michael's death, is coerced by Richard to come forward to name Tarzan as the one responsible for the crime, incriminating Jane as well. While Kathleen contemplates giving Richard her shares of Greystoke Industries in exchange for Tarzan's safety, Tarzan considers returning to the jungle.
  • Emotional Rescue
    Emotional Rescue
    Episode 5
    When a friend of Jane's sister Nicki goes missing, they suspect a man she met over the Internet may be responsible. Meanwhile, as the search for Michael's killer continues, Jane begs Tarzan to keep out of sight for his own safety, but when Nicki lands in grave danger, Tarzan finds it impossible not to help.moreless
  • Rules of Engagement
    Jane attempts to stop the sole witness to Michael's death from testifying and possibly incriminating Tarzan before Richard can get to him. Tarzan helps Jane track down a vigilante sniper.
  • Wages of Sin
    Wages of Sin
    Episode 3
    Jane and Sam hit a dead-end while investigating a young boy's disappearance, and Jane enlists Tarzan's help to use his extraordinary tracking skills to find the child. When Sam learns of Tarzan's involvement and his role in Michael's death, he must decide whether to turn him in or keep Jane's secret.moreless
  • Secrets and Lies
    Secrets and Lies
    Episode 2

    Tarzan risks exposure when he assists Jane with a police case, helping her find a group of men responsible for attacking a young woman in Central Park. When Jane's boyfriend Michael discovers that Tarzan is alive, he makes a deal with Richard Clayton, offering to help capture him. Meanwhile, Jane contacts Tarzan's aunt, Kathleen Clayton, in hopes that she will offer Tarzan shelter and protection.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    This thrilling contemporary take transforms the classic Tarzan tale into a rapid-fire adventure, an intriguing mystery and, most of all, a fiery love story. Strong-willed NYPD detective Jane Porter's perfectly ordered life turns upside down when a routine case unexpectedly leads her to primal and passionate Tarzan, now loose in the urban jungles of New York City. After plucking the mysterious feral man from his wild home, Tarzan's billionaire uncle, the CEO of powerful Greystoke Industries, stops at nothing to "civilize" Tarzan in his own image. And, inexorably attracted to Tarzan's dangerous yet profoundly innocent nature, Jane wrestles with reason and instinct, civilization and savagery, her heart and her head.

  • Unaired Pilot
    Unaired Pilot
    Episode 1
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