Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra

Season 1 Episode 2

Bombs, a Princess and a Gray Town

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2009 on

Episode Recap

Ireia has just given a tour to a group of people and is having tea and scones with Volken. Volken tells her that he wonders if he should be an Armed Librarian since he couldn't uphold his personal ideals of justice.
Colio, Relia, and Hyoue are walking though the mining town of Toatt Mine and Relia asks Colio if he has ever read a book before and Colio remembers the time the piece of a book touched him and it showed him Calico, the Ever-Laughing Witch. They are approached by a miner that wants to sell them pieces of books that they have dug up and he puts a piece in Colio's pocket before he is overheard by Luimon and arrested for selling books that are supposed to be turned over to the Armed Librarians. Luimon picks the man up and is taking him away when he sees Hyoue grab his chest from the pain of the bomb in him.
Colio, Relia, and Hyoue take a break so they can try and get Hyoue to settle down. A man approaches them and offers them bread and water for sale. Relia asks for some water and he sells them some bread and water. Colio asks the man where Hamutz Meseta is and the man doesn't understand. Luimon has been listening the whole time from the shadows and he tells them to stop and take off their shirts. Colio charges at him and Luimon knocks him to the ground and pulls his shirt open to see the scar where the bomb has been implanted in him. The piece of the book that Colio got from the miner falls out of his pocket and he touches it and sees a vision of Calico. She is being put in a guillotine and the blade falls and her hair floats in the air. Then Luimon is attacked by blades being thrown from somewhere and he is hit several times and dodges some and one hits Hyoue in the chest revealing the bomb. Hyoue loses it and charges and grabs Luimon. The bread vendor is confused and Luimon tells him to run away but it is too late and Hyoue explodes killing the three of them. Colio and Relia escape and a man with the Ever-Laughing Witch's blade appears out of the smoke. It is Segal Crekessa.
Colio and Relia make it back to their room and Relia is mad at himself for not being able to save Hyoue. He tells Colio that a long time ago, when he was a child, his mother was killed in a bombing raid and he just stood there, unable to do anything. Colio tells him that they are bombs and they only have one purpose, to kill Hamutz Meseta.
Back at the library, news of Luimon's death has reached the Armed Librarians and Norotei is squatting on the floor and crying. Ireia tells her that she must stop crying because the Armed Librarians are not allowed emotional weakness. Hamutz, Mattoalast, and Mirepoch are walking and discussing the fact that they need to go to Toatt Mine when they are approached by Volken who asks Hamutz to take him with her. She tells him that she doesn't need someone who pities the enemy and tells him that he cannot come with them. Hamutz, Mattoalast, and Mirepoch board a plane and take off to Toatt Mine. Hamutz asks Mirepoch about the forecast for the area and Mirepoch says that a typhoon is predicted to hit the area for the first time in over 100 years. Hamutz says that things are definitely getting interesting.
Relia decides to leave and he tells Colio that he is not a bomb and he refuses to carry out his mission. As Relia is walking down the street, he is approached by Segal. Relia recognizes Segal and asks him about the 'Church of Shindeki'. Segal is a little surprised that a 'Meat' would have a memory and tells him to join him for a drink. Once they get to the bar, Segal lights a cigarette and explains that he is a True Man and is part of the hierarchy of the Church. They believe that they are entitled to all the desires that they want and no one can tell them otherwise. Because of this, the Armed Librarians are trying to stop them. They use the Mock Men as their underlings who do their dirty work for them and then the Meats are nothing more than cattle to do whatever their whim is. This enrages Relia and he activates his bomb and the bar explodes. Everyone outside can't believe what is going on in their town as Segal lights another cigarette and says that no one escapes the Church.
Colio is walking along and comes across a young woman that has been crying and she tells him that she lost a loved one. He learns that the bread vendor who was killed earlier in the explosion caused by Hyoue was her boyfriend. He starts to tell her that he is not a human but a bomb and she interrupts him and thanks him for listening to her.
Hamutz, Mattoalast and Mirepoch have reached Toatt Mine and Hamutz jumps from the plane and lands on the ground. She dusts herself off and looks down on the town.
Colio has returned to the room and touches the book of the laughing witch by accident and he sees the young woman taking care of a sick young man. She tells him not to drink any water until the next day and not to scratch the place on his neck. The young man falls asleep and Calico is approaching a menacing mysterious figure named Wizahk. He runs out of the room and down the street. He has a vision of Relia and then Hyoue and they ask him why he is running and he tells them that he has to save the girl because she is human.
Hamutz uses her telepathy to search the town and she locates several of the Meats that have bombs in them and she uses a slingshot and starts killing them off by hitting them in the head with a rock. Segal notices that she is here and says that everything is going according to plan. She locates Colio as he is staring at the sky.