Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra - Season 1

(ended 2010)


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  • The Might of the World
    Hamutz uses her ability to summon the various Armed Librarians who have been killed in battle and together they struggle to defeat Niiniu and defend the world. Meanwhile, Ruruta calls on Mirepoch to revive those Armed Librarians still in the living world and protect the innocent population from the Beasts of the Final Chapter.moreless
  • Atonement, Delusion, and Books Within Books
  • Redemption, Purplexity and the Book Within a Book
    Inside Ruruta's 'Nonentity Entrails' a seemingly unstoppable Hamutz wages war on Ruruta. Although at first she has the upper hand, things quickly change when Ruruta transfers all of his power to Niiniu and the Acting-Director must face the 'Soul of Destruction' herself. It is then up to an unlikely old friend to help her to turn the tide of battle back in her favour, Colio Tonies.moreless
  • Tranquility, Indolence, and a Tale of Despair
  • A Story of Silence, Inactivity and Despair
    Long ago as the God Orntorra prepares to send seven Angels armed with seven deadly 'War Machines' to destroy the world, one man prepares to save it, Ruruta Coozancoona. After consuming the magic rites of more than a thousand books Ruruta is able to defeat the 'Beasts of the Final Chapter' but is forced to kill his lover Niiniu, in the process. As such he creates the Armed Librarians and the Church of Shindeki in order to fulfil Niiniu's wishes and make her happy.moreless
  • Truth, Love, and the Second Sealed Library
    Having been reunited with Chacoly after all this time the first thing Hamutz does is kill her. She then decides to read Chacoly's book and see what happened after the two of them parted ways. Meanwhile, with everyone out searching for the Acting-Director Enlike is able to sneaking into the Library where he comes face to face with the Director of the Bantorra Library, Ruruta Coozancoona.moreless
  • Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Episode 23
  • A Jailbreak, a Tool and the Violet Desert
    It has been more than two months since the end of the Cerulean Death War and things are very different in Bantorra. Mince has been promoted to the new Governor of Paradise and has begun the task of recruiting new True Men. Meanwhile, the Armed Librarians have had enough of Hamutz's secrets and have decided to rebel against her. However, before they can put her on trial she escapes in order to carry out one final task.moreless
  • Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Episode 22
  • The Sky, an Ending, and a Girl`s World
    The Armed Librarians learn that the Cerulean Death is responsible for the sudden outbreak of hostilities, but this knowledge does them little good. As such Hamutz prepares to lead the remaining Armed Librarians in a last ditch offensive against the growing enemy forces that have surrounded the Library. Meanwhile, Enlike finally finishes Norotei's book and is able to fulfil her final wish.moreless
  • Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Episode 21
  • Enmity, the Color Blue, and the Rope Princess
    With Bantorra surrounded by the forces of the Guinbecs-Ismo alliance Hamutz decides it is time she joined the fight, leaving Mirepoch in charge of the Library. Mirepoch and Mince then make a startling discovery about the reason for this sudden war. Meanwhile, Enlike continues to read Norotei's book in order to discover her final wish.moreless
  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    Episode 20
  • Funeral Bells, a Book, and a Boy with a Death Wish
    Following the Meat's revolt against the Church of Shindeki, the Ismo Republic suddenly declares war on the Library of Bantorra and Hamutz suspects that the severely weakened Church is somehow involved. Meanwhile, Enlike is delivered a book by Rasquall and when he starts reading it he is shocked to learn that it is Norotei's. He is even more shocked when he learns the circumstances of her death.moreless
  • A Fool, a Void, and a Spinning Fairy
    The other personality which exists inside Renas. The woman who once should have fought to free the Meats. In order to make the wish embedded in Ylucklucu come true, Volken and Olivia head to a mountain hut in Darai Mine. There, they do battle with Hamyuts and her slingshot. Volken, beliving in the justice of the Armed Librarians, accuses Hamyuts of committing atrocities. His Dancing Blades fly. At the same time, the other personality inside Renas rushes to Ylucklucu. Before that happens, she is ambushed by abandoned Meats of the Church of Drowning in God's Grace!moreless
  • A Fool, Empty Space, and a Dancing Puppet
    The Acting-Director has finally caught up with Volken and Olivia at the Duria Mine. As Olivia attempts to overcome an army of Human Bombs in order to locate Ylucklucu, Volken finally faces off against Hamutz. Although Volken is not strong enough or ruthless enough to defeat Hamutz he succeeds in slowing her down and Olivia regains not only Ylucklucu but also her memories as well.moreless
  • A Propeller, Remembrance, and a Man of Lead
    In order to help the other personality inside Renas regain her memories, Volken has to square off against his master, en route to the Darai Mine. Though Vizac has aged, he is still formidable in his fight against him. At the same time, Hamyuts realizes who the other personality is. She leaves Mattalast and the other Armed Librarians behind and stages a solitary attack. Who is the other personality inside Renas who frightened Hamyuts to the point that she bombed the Silver Smoke?moreless
  • A Propeller, Recolletion, and the Lead Human
    Volken and Renas (now calling herself Olivia Litlet) defeat Volekn's former instructor, Vizac in order to escape to the Kra District. However, Hamutz continues to pursue the traitors in order to destroy the secret of Vend Ruga once and for all. Meanwhile, the Armed Librarians learn that Vizac is dead and they all blame Volken for their comrade's murder, all except Mirepoch.moreless
  • A Return Home, an Encounter, and Burning Bridges
    Volken finally returns to Bantorra after his apparent defection and attempts to prove his innocence. However, his return causes Mirepoch to question her decision to drink the water of Argax as her feelings for her former friend begin to return. Meanwhile, Enlike tries to help Renas make sense of her re-emerging memories.moreless
  • A Banned Book, a Coward, and the Sacred Eyes
    Mince is assigned to retrieve illegal snuff books with the help of Yuri and Yukizona. However, Mince soon runs into an old friend from his criminal days, Griehn and is reminded of the last time he got involved with snuff books. He then begins to realise that Griehn has more to do with his mission than he first thought, forcing Mince to choose between his duty and his friend.moreless
  • A Girl, a Girl and the Bed of God
    Mirepoch continues to search for answers about Rasquall but her red-haired rival appears to be one step ahead of her. However, when she does finally get up to speed she realises that the only way to kill Rasquall is to work together with Alme.
  • The Setting Sun, a Storyteller, and a Collection of Fables
    Shiron, the Ever-Laughing Witch tells the story of how the world was created by the Overseer and the Library was founded. She then recounts the various events that have occurred up until now; Colio's defeat of Segal, Volken's betrayal, Zatoh's redemption by Norotei, Mokania's death and Mirepoch's hunt for the truth about Rasquall Othello.moreless
  • A Day Off, a Picture Book and Rusty Hair
    Mirepoch uses her day off to investigate an eight year old murder that may be related to Rasquall Othello. However, there is also someone else who is interested in the mysterious Rasquall and she is prepared to kill in order to find her man. When the two come face to face it is only thanks to Mattoalast's timely intervention that Mirepoch survives.moreless
  • The Past, Irrationality and a Pipe's Smoke
    Mattoalast reminisces about the first time he met Hamutz and how they went from trying to kill each other to becoming lovers. He also remembers their mission together to capture the traitor Hiza, when he was order to eliminate Hamutz by the then Acting- Director, Fhotona.
  • A Weakling, the Labyrinth, and Moving the Queen
    With Hamutz now in possession of Shlamuffen she decides that it is time to confront the treacherous Mokania. Meanwhile, the reason for Mokania's sudden attempt to kill Hamutz becomes clear and it is not what any of the Armed Librarian's originally believed.
  • An Eccentric, a Mother, and the Black Ants' Nest
    Mokkania, an Armed Librarian with strength that rivals even Hamyuts Meseta. Due to a traumatic experience, he lives in the Bantorra labyrinths, never setting foot outside. He has the ability to control ants which consume any living being they come in contact with. He's made up his room to look like the one from his childhood. Suddenly, a visitor he never expected to see again comes storming in! As the alarm sounds across the premises, thousands upon thousands of black ants appear and pose a new threat for the Armed Librarians. Mokkania has staged an insurrection against them.moreless
  • A Weird Guy, a Mother and the Nest of the Black Ants
    The Library comes under attack and it appears that an Armed Librarian is responsible, Mokania Fluru. With Hamutz trapped in the Labyrinth with the traitor the other Librarians regroup and prepare a counter-attack. However, it soon emerges that Mokania is being manipulated into attacking the Acting-Director by the Church of Shindeki and that they must find a way to break their hold over him before it is too late.moreless
  • A True Man, a Battlefield and My World
    With Enlike now in control of Zatoh's body he returns to Bantorra with Norotei to try and atone for his sins. Unfortunately, despite Norotei's affection for him many of the other librarians do not trust Enlike and things are only made worse by Ganbanzel's incessant hounding of his former protégé.
  • A Pond, Comrades and a Seashell
    Norotei learns that Zatoh is a 'book eater', a monster who can devour books gaining the knowledge and power of the person concerned. When Zatoh consumes Lumion's book Norotei becomes so angry that she becomes serious about fighting for the first time. Meanwhile, somewhere inside of Zatoh's soul all of the books he has consumed begin to rebel against him.moreless
  • A Smile, a Mask and a Man with a Death Wish
    Norotei confronts Zatoh about his theft of Lumion's book and his suicidal tendencies. Zatoh tells her that she can have the book only if she can kill him. Meanwhile, Mirepoch learns that Zatoh maybe the monster who attacked the Library and dispatches Mince to investigate.
  • Thunder, a Monster and a Girl's Punch
    A man who refers to himself a monster arrives at the Library and demands to see Hamutz. He is immediately confronted by Mattoalast, Mince and Mirepoch who manage to force him to retreat despite his numerous magical abilities. Meanwhile, Norotei is still investigating the theft of Lumion's book.
  • A Betrayal, A Cup, and a Meandering Path
    Following the theft of Ylucklucu and Volken's apparent betrayal everyone at Bantorra begins to question his motives and his character. Mirepoch has been particularly affected by her friend's actions and seeks solace in the books of the lower libraries. Meanwhile, Norotei is dispatched to recover Lumion's book which has gone missing from the Toatt Mine.moreless
  • The Setting Sun, Shiron, and Colio
    Cigal made use of Shiron's precognitive abilities and set a trap for Hamyuts, the strongest Armed Librarian in the world, robbing her of her ability to attack. Dragon Pneumonia is also ravaging her body. Using the magic blade Shlamuffen, which posesses absolute defensive powers, he slices Hamyuts up in a flash. She is normally very wise in battle, but she finds herself having the lower hand. Right when Cigal boasts, confident he will emerge victorious, a human bomb forces he way through. Though it's the young man, Colio, he seems to have regained some of his lost emotion...moreless
  • An Evening, Shiron and Colio
    Hamutz and Segal finally face each other in battle but with Segal wielding Shlamuffen it doesn't seem like the Acting-Director has much hope of winning. Meanwhile, after learning more about Shiron's past, Colio decides that he too must fight.
  • Bombs, Humans, and the God of Death's Disease
    Hamyuts visits the Toatt Mine to try and stop a terror plot launched by the leader of the Church of Drowning in God's Grace, Cigal. As she destroys human bomb after human bomb with her long-distance rock-throwing sling, she develops a deep curiosity towards Colio, a human bomb who has fragments of Shiron's book. On orders from Hamyuts, Armed Librarians Mattalast and Mirepoc break into the Church's hideout. There they find evidence for Cigal's plot to kill Hamyuts.moreless
  • A Bomb, Humans, Death, and God`s Sickness
    Colio is given another piece of the book of the Ever-Laughing Witch and he learns more about her past. He also comes face to face with the women he is supposed to kill but things do not go as he thought they would.
  • Bombs, a Princess and a Gray Town
    Colio and his companions find themselves at the Toatt Mine region still searching for Hamutz. However it isn't long before Lumion, a local Armed Librarian discovers that they are human bombs. In the ensuing confusion one of the bombs detonates killing Lumion and this in turn prompts Hamutz herself to head to the Toatt Mine to search for those responsible.moreless
  • Bombs, Books, and a Sinking Ship
    A world where man's memories turn into books. The Armed Librarians serve as the guardians of the system that protects the books of the dead. A mysterious organization known as the Church of Drowning in God's Grace preaches a doctrine of pursuing one's desires. These two factions have been doing battle since the dawn of recorded history. Hamyuts, leading the Armed Librarians, sends Volken and the others to attack the enemy's ship, the Silver Smoke, in order to free those who've been captured by the Church. However, once they succeed in breaking through the enemy's defenses and reaching the ship's hold, they are witness to quite the scene... "Human bombs" who have had their memories erased are being outfitted with explosives!moreless
  • A Bomb, a Book and a Sinking Ship
    When 'Armed Librarians' launch an attack against a 'Church of Shindeki' ship they are attacked by 'Human Bombs'. After boarding the ship and fighting off the guards (the Mock Men), the Librarians find dozens of 'Meats' in the hold but are unable to save them all before the ship itself explodes. One of the few survivors is the Human Bomb, Colio Tonies who's only thoughts are of killing the Acting-Director of the Armed Librarians, Hamutz Meseta.moreless