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  • Season 1
    • Double Trouble
      Episode 13
      The bus arrives in Phoenix, AZ to meet newlyweds who want matching bride and groom sugar skulls tattooed on their calves. Tommy gets agitated because the couple doesn't like his sugar skull and makes him draw the design multiple times.
    • Trial By Tire
      Episode 12
      Beej's girlfriend, Rhesa, flies in to meet up with the bus and keep Beej company. Thomas fixes a bad tattoo on her lower back while she works out some of her relationship issues with Beej.
    • Close Encounters
      Episode 11
      Thomas hires a new bus driver, Beej, who has to learn on the job. The crew meets up with a client at the Utah Test and Training Center in the Great Salt Lake Desert. Alien Dave is an alien hunter and gets a crop circle tattooed on his arm.
    • 7/8/09
      Amy, a new tattoo artist, arrives to join Thomas and his crew. From there, the bus travels to Salt Lake City, UT to meet up with Chris, a former Mormon who wants to get a memorial tattoo to remember his brother who committed suicide.
    • 6/17/09
      Thomas and Monica fly to Los Angeles and meet with a famous plastic surgeon to discuss Monica's breast augmentation surgery. Meanwhile, Tommy and Krystin drive the bus to meet up with Tommy's friend Tyson.
    • Family Treepee
      Episode 8
      The bus rolls into the Bowen Ranch in El Paso, Texas to tattoo a horse portrait on a local cowboy. The next stop is Silver City, New Mexico where the crew meets up with Paulo, a descendant of Geronimo.
    • Hot and Bothered
      Episode 7
      Thomas rolls the bus down to San Diego to tattoo a cross on a firefighter who fought the devastating Southern California wildfires of 2007.
    • 6/10/09
      The bus rolls into Albuquerque and picks up Lava, a Tahitian dancer who wants to cover up the Thai words for 'faith' on her back. Thomas and Tommy convince Lava to get a giant Koi fish that covers two thirds of her back.
    • 6/10/09
      In San Francisco, Thomas hires a portrait artist named Stash to tattoo a picture of his spiritual mentor on his calf. Ajahn Le is a Buddhist monk Thomas met years ago.
    • Minister of Ink
      Episode 4
      The bus travels to Sacramento to tattoo Heather, a voluptuous artist who used to work in a mortuary and has a collection of dead animals. Thomas completely changes the artwork she drew for her tattoo, but she ends up loving the tat.
    • 6/3/09
      The crew takes a day off from work to celebrate Chili's birthday. Chili is very close to his mom and asks Thomas to tattoo a note she wrote him onto his palm.
    • Breakdown Lane
      Episode 2
      Thomas drives the bus to Reno, NV to visit his old friend Chris at his tattoo shop, Sinister Ink. Krystin tattoos a sexy blonde's foot inside the shop, and everyone accuses Thomas of being the biggest flirt on the bus.
    • Vegas Babies
      Episode 1
      Thomas takes the bus to Las Vegas to drop his daughters off at Monica's mother's house After an emotional goodbye, Thomas tattoos a phoenix on a woman who gave up her child for adoption ten years ago.