Tattoo Nightmares

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Tattoo Nightmares

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Tattoo Nightmares chronicles peoples poor tattoo decisions. Tommy Helm, Big Gus and Jasmine Rodriguez are three of the best cover-up artists in the business. Watch as they try and work miracles to help their regretful clients.

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AIRED ON 9/23/2014

Season 4 : Episode 4

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  • Amazing Tattoo Transformations.

    I watch this show, Tattoo Nightmares, to see the magic done by transforming a bad Tattoo into a one of a kind Gem that our Amazing 3 do from week to salute Jasmine, Tommy and Big Gus.

    Who cares about the Skins theatrical drama story, it's all about the Amazing 3 Tattoo Artists ability to Transform a terrible Tatt into a Masterpiece as they do from week to say cut out the bs and add more talented work.

    I score the work a 10 but the show a 6 because of the Drama, lets keep it a 10.....moreless
  • Artists hidden by Writers and Producers Silly production

    I really enjoy this program but do record it so I can skip the inane enactment I can understand what they are trying to do but its cheesy. The 3 artists are amazing and have enough character and skill to easily carry the program. I'd really like them to drop the little sketches and simply allow the conversation to flow freely with footage of the actual tattoo being performed. Also, less playing to camera. Yet even with my negative review... This is my favourite TV show. I say make it an hour and give us net content. The skill is amazing.moreless
  • Quality work.. cheesy stories

    The three artist are very good. Unfortunately, they (the directors, writers or whom ever is responsible) too hard to create stories behind the bad tattoos.

    It is on Spike. They are attempting to create stories like in "1000 ways to die" but it is not working. I want to see the work and tech and creative behind the new coverups but they think we need the story.

    Im sure in real life there are some cases with interesting stories, but these seem forced and made into drama where there really isnt any.

    Not sure I will spend much time watching.moreless

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