Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1994 on USA
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Gorganus summons slaygar the toxic waste monster and sends it to earth to pollute the earth. Swinton wants to ask Cathy out, but chokes when she approaches him. So Gordon, Drew and Laurie each offer Swinton advice on dating. But Gordon is only in it for the money, Drew is in it for the help on her sociality paper and Laurie is there to keep an eye on both Drew and Gordon.moreless

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    David L. Lander

    David L. Lander

    Lechner (voice)

    Richard Nason

    Richard Nason

    Gordon Henley/Taurus

    K. Jill Sorgen

    K. Jill Sorgen

    Drew Vincent/Centaur

    Ed Gilbert

    Ed Gilbert

    Emperor Gorganus

    Leslie Danon

    Leslie Danon

    Laurie Foster/Scorpio

    Rugg Williams

    Rugg Williams

    Swinton Sawyer/Apollo

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      • Swinton: (After volunteering to go) I'm the smallest, the youngest, I can't get a date…
        Drew: Put a sock in it Swinton. You're just feeling sorry for yourself.
        Gordon: A good cause might I add.

      • Kathy: (After Swinton tries to hide his glowing tattoo on his arm) Is something wrong?
        Swinton: My wrist, yeah my wrist, it always acts up when there's too much pollution.

      • Swinton: (Back from fighting Slaygar) So much for impressing Kathy with my rippling muscles.

      • Swinton: We all thought that Slaygar's ears were in a normal place.
        Gordon: But we were wrong?
        Swinton: Very wrong. When I blasted the monster there nothing happened.
        Laurie: We saw that on the monitor.
        Swinton: So then I hypothesized that the ears had to be someplace else. So I conducted a brief experiment just to find out where.
        Drew: Great work Swin, I never would never had thought of it.
        Laurie: Me neither.
        Gordon: I would have thought of it too…(Laurie looks at him) eventually.

      • Gordon: Incidentally Swinton, you still owe me twenty dollars.
        Swinton: Are you kidding? I obtained my date with Kathy by not using your advice. Thanks for nothing pal! (Takes money back from Gordon)

      • Kathy: My modem will call your modem.
        Swinton: (In a smooth voice) No, my modem will call your modem.
        Kathy: Swinton, you're so romantic.

      • Swinton: I want to apologize for all the dumb things I said earlier.
        Kathy: You mean you don't really like Ferraris and poetry about motorcycles?
        Swinton: No.

      • Kathy: Swinton, where have you been?
        Swinton: Kind of, solving a severe environmental crisis and saving the world.
        Kathy: Sure you were.
        Swinton: Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to divulge any of the exciting details.

      • Lechner: Fortunately master, I saved a beaker of the original toxic slime from which he sprang. So, you can dump him.
        Emperor Gorganus: Wrong, my non recycling friend. Slaygar can be improved, perfected, made more corrosive, more destructive, and more invincible.
        Lechner: Did you think I meant dump him? No, you will need Slaygar so you can conquer the blue planet someday.
        Emperor Gorganus: Someday. Someday!
        Lechner: Did I say someday? I meant soon, tomorrow. Tomorrow all of Earth will grovel at your feet.

      • Gordon: (As he watches Apollo clapping) What? He's applauding Slaygar? Must be his way of saluting the victor.

      • Nimbar: (To the sentinels) Galactic sentinels must be on their own. They need to sense the flow of battle and make the appropriate decisions in the field. To do otherwise could cause your destruction.

      • Swinton: (As Apollo) Man, if Cathy could see me now.

      • Drew: Let's face it Nimbar, you'd be guilty of discriminating against females if you don't send me.
        Gordon: Yeah, but you would be guilty of reverse discrimination if you didn't send me.
        Nimbar: Life is so much less confusing on planet Slagmine were we don't have genders.

      • Swinton: (Notices his tattoo is glowing) Excuse me, I have to go to the restroom and take a portal.

      • Cathy: What's your opinion Swinton?
        Swinton: (To his hidden mic) What is my opinion? (Notices that the otheres left) Oh, I'm in deep trouble.

      • Emperor Gorganus: Soon the stench from Slaygar's toxic fumes will permeate Earth's entire atmosphere.
        Lechner: I'll make a note of this malicious moment. I want to include it in your memoirs.

      • Laurie: (To Swinton, over his ear piece) Tell her you like her shoes.
        Drew: No! Tell her she's intelligent and liberated.
        Swinton: (To Cathy) Your shoes are very intelligent and liberated.
        Cathy: They are!

      • Gordon: (To Swinton, over his ear piece) Tell her you have a Ferrari.
        Swinton: (To his shirt, where his mic is) But I don't.
        Cathy: Don't what?
        Swinton: Do you have a Ferrari?
        Cathy: Who said anything about Ferrari's?

      • Drew: (To Swinton, over his ear piece) Ask her if she likes poetry.
        Laurie: No, she'll think you're a wimp. Tell her you ride a motorcycle.
        Swinton: (To Cathy) Do you like poetry about motorcycles?

      • Drew: (To Swinton, over his ear piece) Don't panic. Just stand up, smile broadly, and say, "Hi there Cathy, would you like to join me".
        Swinton: (To Cathy) Stand there Cathy. Would you like to smile broadly and join me?

      • Laurie: (To Gordon and Drew) I better be there too. I have a feeling that between the balance of your fee, and Drew's sociology grade, you could end up jamming Swinton with bogus advice.

      • Drew: Look, Swin, maybe I can help you, but not here. Meet me at my aunt's pool house after school
        Swinton: That's very cooperative of you Drew. I appreciate it.
        Drew: Well, it's quieter there.
        Gordon: Yeah, and no one will see you guys together.

      • Gordon: (To Laurie) I was just about to generously make available to Swinton my extensive knowledge in the dating game for a reasonable charge of fifty dollars.
        Drew: Fifty bucks, for a nickel's worth of knowledge?

      • Gordon: Dating advice, huh. So, how much is she charging you.
        Drew: Charging him? Hey, give me a break.
        Gordon: I thought so. Swinton, free advice is worth exactly what you pay for, nothing.

      • Gordon: (To Drew and Swinton in the halls) Has anyone ever informed you two about the rule against loitering?
        Drew: So, take a detour Gordon.

      • Drew: (To Swinton) Ha, that was not asking her out. That was a sad imitation of a choking chicken.

      • Cathy: Hi Swinton, how's it going?
        Swinton: Uh…G-Going…
        Cathy: Are you okay?
        Swinton: Uh…okay…
        Cathy: Well, it's been nice talking to you, bye.

      • Swinton: I don't understand this. You usually don't even acknowledge that we know each other when we're at school.
        Drew: Yeah, yeah, times are tough Swinton. I need the answer to question seventeen.

      • Lechner: (About Slaygar) Oh boy, perfect choice. He'll raise a stink.

      • Emperor Gorganus: (About the sentinels) I hate them.
        Lechner: I hate them too oh mighty master. Who do we hate?

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