Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

USA (ended 1995)


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  • Mental Flashback! Tattooed Teenagers with Tans and Attitudes!

    TTAFFBH what a long analogy, the series was pretty much a flop to all audiences under the age of 12. It was a blatent rip off trying to ploy some of the viewers to watch USA instead of Fox where the Power Rangers played. Its campiness made it probably the shortest lived series of the 90's that I can recall.

    BUT It did have its originality and its own humor that made it watchable. So they pranced around in neoprene instead of spandex, they had muscle that made it look a bit better than Power Rangers at least on that behalf. The series was very low budget, the stories were fairly bland. But the characters that made up the show gave it an interesting touch. Two guys, Swinton and Gordon, two girls, Drew and Lori donning powers of the Zodiac to fight giant monsters was a pretty decent idea, and in a way was original. The fact that they were trying counts, I watched "The Quitter" last night on Youtube, it brought back memories of me as a kid wanting to be able to do that. Any series that can do that isn't entirely bad.

    (Though I think I could do better;))