Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Season 1 Episode 2

The Note

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1994 on USA
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Episode Summary

The Note
Gorganus calls up the monster Norakula who can emit sound waves. Drew wants to prove Gordon is a slave to peer pressure, so she cracks open a plan with Swinton and writes a note from Laurie to give to Gordon. But the note gets them in trouble, where Gordon follows Laurie after being summoned by Nimbar to do a search and identify mission. But they get caught in a trap, and are ambushed by Norakula.moreless

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    David L. Lander

    David L. Lander

    Lechner (voice)

    Ed Gilbert

    Ed Gilbert

    Emperor Gorganus

    K. Jill Sorgen

    K. Jill Sorgen

    Drew Vincent/Centaur

    Glenn Shadix

    Glenn Shadix

    Nimbar (voice)

    Rugg Williams

    Rugg Williams

    Swinton Sawyer/Apollo

    Leslie Danon

    Leslie Danon

    Laurie Foster/Scorpio

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      • Swinton: (To Nimbar) Do we know anything about the way this monster's been reconfigured?
        Gordon: Besides the fact that it's twice as ugly as before.
        Laurie: And it bellows in a pitch that will make your ears bleed.
        Drew: Must be from Seattle.

      • DuWayne: (About his equipment) Well, this piece alone retails for over $1,500.
        Drew: Wow, it takes me a week to earn that in tips.
        DuWayne: Really?
        Drew: I'm kidding.

      • Swinton: (About DuWayne) He's going to loan you his personal stuff?
        Drew: Yeah.
        Swinton: Wow, he must really like you. Drew: Well, that could explain why he slobbers worse than Nimbar.

      • Swinton: (To Drew) We're not going to get in trouble?
        Drew: Swinton, trouble is a part of life. Without trouble how do you know if you're being good?

      • Swinton: Wow, maybe I should get an electronic date book like yours.
        Gordon: Do you have any dates to put it in?
        Swinton: (To Drew) Diss?
        Drew: Diss.

      • Gordon: (Sarcastically) Your imagination never ceases to amaze me Swinton.
        Swinton: Thanks Gordon.
        Drew: Swinton, that was a diss.
        Swinton: Oh.

      • Gordon: (About Swinton) Speaking of clichés, wonder boy is here.
        Drew: Don't worry, he's cool about maintaining the image that we don't know each other. He won't come over.
        Swinton: Hi Drew, Gordon.
        Gordon: (Rolls eyes)

      • Drew: You follow the rules, no questions asked.
        Gordon: Now that's not true.
        Drew: Oh come on, you always follow the rules. You never act rashly, you always think before you speak.
        Gordon: (Pauses before speaking)
        Drew: See.

      • Emperor Gorganus: This planet Earth must be conquered if I am to rule all galaxies.
        Lechner: Goals are good.

      • Lechner: (Watching Emperor Gorganus pace back and forth) Slow down excellency, you're making my neck muscles cramp.

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