Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Season 1 Episode 37

The Primal Scream

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 1995 on USA

Episode Recap

Emperor Gorganus, has a device to jam up the portals, so that alien fighters cannot transport to Nimbar's lair. But in battle, Scorpio gets hit, and lands on this plant. They try to form Nitron, but they can't. Taurus then stuns the device, and they retreat back to lair.

Laurie then goes into an angry mood, and when Nimbar summons, everyone except Laurie's tattoo is missing. Nimbar tells the three that it must of been the monsters blast, that is affecting Laurie. They then get a sample of the monsters blast, and Nimbar makes this antidote.

Meanwhile, Laurie is developing into a monster, and starts to change into one, when she had to do a speech during a pep rally. They try the antidote on Laurie but it fails. They then tie up Laurie in Drew's home. Nimbar then summons, them but only Swinton appear. This makes Nimbar mad. He explains that Laurie is getting worst. He then tells Nimbar to play back the tape of their first battle, and he then notices the plant.

Swinton turns into his sentinel and misleads the monster making him blast into the device that prevented them from going there. Swinton then gets a sample of the plant, and returns back to Nimbar. Nimbar makes the antidote, and Swinton hurries back to Laurie. The antidote works, and she returns back to normal.
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