The Tavis Smiley Show

Weekdays 11:00 PM on PBS Premiered Jan 07, 2004 In Season





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  • Tavis Smiley is part of the talk show news block with Charlie Rose weekdays on PBS.

    This and the Charlie Rose show are the only programs I watched on KCET which is saying a lot. KCET used to have a lot of interesting stuff but now I wouldn't in tune in much to what they except Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose.

    He has a wide variety of guests from celebrities like Jeannie Tripplehorn, to Robert Guillame (Benson), to politicians, critics and so forth.

    This is one of those quieter and more focused interviews on tv so if you're not into the loud, and extravagant stuff on other networks like FoxNews or CNN then this is definitely for you.

    My only critique is that sometimes Tavis talks a bit fast and sometimes he looks anxious to end the interview and pick up his paycheck.

    That aside, I would agree that he is a decent interviewer. He asks the right questions and isn't afraid to probe deeper. For instance, recently he interviewed a close friend of the now disgraced Alberto Gonzalez and asked him what he represents now of which the friend could only respond by saying he was an embarassment.

    In short, then you get quite a bit of information which for a half hour show on a local show is a bargain. Another bonus to this show is that if you miss a show they have free podcasts on KCET and his website. Lately, a couple of shows are starting to charge for this service which for me is a turnoff as most people either won't bother or have the money to subscribe to this stuff.

    Anyways, Tavis Smiley show is a decent half hour talk show interview on KCET.