Taxi Brooklyn

Season 1 Episode 10

The Longest Night

Aired Wednesday Aug 27, 2014 on NBC
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The Longest Night

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  • Update to Taxi's empty gas tank.

    Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted(Instead of updating my original comment). So to shorten it up I'll comment on the bad shooting: I'm not saying they miss a lot. I'm saying they hide a lot. When the assassin backs out of the Hospital room, someone shouts "Police". The assassin turns around with two guns and start to fire at Cat and the Chief. There are two officers behind him, but do they take that opportunity to shoot the assassin? No!, they hide, while the assassin has his back to them thereby missing the opportunity for a take down and the assassin gets After the TLN episode, I no longer watch this show. The only song in this Taxi is "Dumb all over" by Frank Zappa and the only passenger is Honey Boo Boo.moreless
  • Does anyone ever go to the firing range???

    I'd like to add my two cents the the two previous reviews, especially "There goes common sense!" In addition to all the illogical and (frankly) unbelievable actions (or non-actions) pointed out by JDintheOC and estella87, one additional point is the incredibably lousy shooting by the police. When they did shoot at the gang members, they missed every time, even when they had a clear shot! Granted, shooting under that kind of duress can affect their aim, but so many cops shooting, and not one hits the mark?? Pretty silly, and it makes "suspension of disbelief" all but impossible. Very mediocre writing.moreless
  • There goes the common sense!


    I guess I'm the first one to care enough about this show to write a review. So here goes nothing! ;)

    [The Story]

    Typical american police-station-under-siege story. I guess every cop show has one of those sooner or later, for Taxi Brooklyn it was sooner. Unfortunately it was all very predictable which limited the fun of watching it unfold to mostly boredom, but as always Leo made it enjoyable! Which brings me right to:

    [The Characters]

    It was fun watching Leo mess with the British guy (sorry dude, forgot your name (again)!), and Ronnie kissing Eddie (though we didn't get to see the kiss itself) as well as Eddie's reaction were almost as fun as Captain Baker's "last words".


    Unfortunately a lot of things did not make any sense in this episode. First of all let me start by stating the obvious: why would a couple of gang members try to free one of their own who was on a suicide mission in a police precinct and most likely dead already? Well, they did anyway. And why keep a hostage (Leo) on the outside to negotiate the release of your man when you can besiege a precinct full of cops? Obviously that's just so much more fun! And what do these cops do while under siege? You'd think they would wear body armor, but apparently that's uncool or something because they decided to just get shot and almost killed instead. I was also laughing really hard when the Captain picked up the phone and said they had no reception. Well, that can happen in a black-out, even with back-up generators! I know cell phone services are probably overwhelmed at this point, but shouldn't they have at least tried to use one? Don't they have radios in police precincts?

    So for obvious reasons I cannot give this episode a good rating. It was enjoyable enough, and I generally liked the acting, but the bad writing (when it comes to logic) and missing common sense greatly disappointed me.moreless

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