Season 5 Episode 20

Arnie Meets the Kids

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 13, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Elaine is seriously dating the nerdy Arnie, introduced in The Shloogel Show episode earlier this season. She decides it's time for him to meet her kids although she isn't sure if that's a great idea. Arnie is also very worried about the meeting and when he meets them, he tries a little too hard to make him their favorite person. In the process, he gives them presents and even money, to Elaine's dismay. In an effort to set things right, Arnie tells the kids that he didn't mean to try to buy their affection and it turns out they still like him. Elaine then realizes that now that the kids like Arnie so much, she's pretty much stuck with him - but she's pleased about this.
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