Season 1 Episode 5

Come as You Aren't

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 10, 1978 on ABC

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  • The comedy of Social Classes

    This one is a beauty. An absolute amazing piece of comedy. And not just comedy, there are a few social coments in here as well. The story is simple. Elaine wants to throw a house party for the people that work on the art gallery (where she goes for a day job), and she wants the gang at the garage to come for support, but does not want them to tell that they are cabbies. After a series of protests, they all end up at the party (including Latka, in "Party Overalls", which are his usual overalls, but clean).

    However this quicly becomes a 2-hander between Alex and Elaine. After the rest of the gang leaves in a hurry, because they are not having fun, Alex, who previously voiced his disaprovement for elaine's snob friends, starts to feel good in this high class environment, and has some success telling made up tales, about how he extinguishes oil well fires for a living, which earns him the respect of the crowd, and a date with a gorgeous woman. The night ends with Elaine admiting to being a cab driver, which causes the party to end, and Alex loses his date. The pair end up alone in the apartment, declaring their friendship to each other. This is the first of a few episodes where a closer relationship between Alex and Elaine is hinted at. Well done all around, a true classic Taxi.