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ABC (ended 1983)

From Wild Man Chris... I am alive and well, even if I don't sound like it...

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    [1]Jan 2, 2010
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    Just to let all you who know me know that, in spite of any negativity you will see if you watch any of my You Tube videos, I AM ONLY blowing off hot air. I am not suicidal, homicidal, or anyotherkindofcidal, just frustrated and angry that's all.

    Jeez, it's getting too hot in my life so the only way I can cool it down is to blow off steam...

    My manyfold thanks to Michael Laskow for taking some time to help me out @ the recent Road Rally. He truly WANTS to see me succeed as badly as I WANT to succeed! I have a hunch it will just make his day when I finally can land some kind of song or record deal!!!

    I will NOT give you any links to my videos as I do not want to spread te negativity, there's plenty of that and lots more hate in You Tube Land.

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