Season 1 Episode 1

Like Father, Like Daughter

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 12, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the first episode, Elaine Nardo, a part time art gallery receptionist, begins a second part time job at the Sunshine Cab Company. Elaine is somewhat put off as she first meets the tyrannical taxi dispatcher, Louie DePalma, then the rest of the gang: Alex Regier, the 40-ish ringleader who describes himself as the only full time cab driver of the bunch, as all the others are pursuing other professions; Bobby Wheeler, an actor; Tony Banta, a professional boxer; John Burns, a college student from the midwest who is new to New York and unwise to the ways of the big city; and Latka Gravas, the mechanic from an unnamed tiny Eastern European nation with a hilariously troubled grasp of English.

After the introductions to the characters, the main plot of the episode begins: the cabbies discover the pay phone is broken, allowing them to make long distance calls to anywhere in the world for free. Alex decides to call his estranged daughter, Cathy, who lives in Brazil with his ex-wife and her current husband. His ex-wife, Phyllis, informs him that Cathy is on her way to college in Portugal and is stopping over in Miami the following night.

On a whim, Alex and the gang commandeer a cab and set out for Miami so Alex can see his daughter after she's been in another country for years.

At the Miami airport, Alex somehow picks her out of a crowd of schoolgirls in uniforms, and with some awkwardness, he introduces himself. Cathy, shocked, chats politely with Alex, but hurts him by pointing out that she considers the Brazilian man who raised her to be her real father. Alex then recalls to her the first two years of her life and is getting rather choked up.

As the plane is boarding and Cathy is in a rush, she seems touched and hugs Alex goodbye, who responds by giving her his driver's license so she'll have a picture of him and his address.

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