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  • Hilarious!

    I thought Taxi was a very funny show. One of my favorite episodes was the one where Latka had an alter ego named Vic Ferrari, a smooth talking playboy. Even after all these years I remember that particular episode. I laughed my ass off. Anyway it was one of the best comedy shows of all time. I really enjoyed watching it.
  • Ok here we go

    This was definitely not one of my favorite TV Land Shows as I found that most of the shows were quite boring! Certainly not one of the best all time shows, as this was on of my least favorite show on cable. I have only seen about 7 or 8 shows but I could not watch more than 10 minutes of each one, trying to find something good about this show but what was the point of this show?!
  • Classic

    One of the most influential shows of all time featuring an all star cast of Judd Hirsh, Tony Danza, Danny Devito, Christopher Lloyd and Andy Kaufman. The show about Taxi cab drivers from New York City is one of the best. It laid the ground work for many other shows in the future such as Cheers, Seinfeld and others. One of the most influential shows of all time featuring an all star cast of Judd Hirsh, Tony Danza, Danny Devito, Christopher Lloyd and Andy Kaufman. The show about Taxi cab drivers from New York City is one of the best. It laid the ground work for many other shows in the future such as Cheers, Seinfeld and others.
  • Taxi is much better than a lot of things on TV.

    You see all these stupid programs on TV like prison break and then you see taxi. Its funny, has a great cast and good storylines. It should have run for a few more series. I especially love latka because he speaks really funny and says all these words that you can't understand.
    It's really different from a lot of things on tv nowadays because its all about friendship and trust in others. I know that soppy. That last paragraph is me trying to write a 100 words. Taxi is good and should be talked bad about. It's hilarious and addictive. LOL
  • anyone with any sense of comedy has to love this show.

    This definitely was an early 80's sitcom classic. I was young when this was on but I thought it was funny, and then when I got older, I got some of the other jokes that were more adult oriented that made the show even better. This was a show for everyone, as alot of shows in the 80's were. The acting and characters were pretty funny and interesting to watch. The writing was great, with the really funny jokes. They had some weird stories while they were driving their cabs. This show iwas hlarious they should bring it back for re-runs, I loved it.
  • Why I loved the show TAXI

    Taxi was actually the last series I watched faithfully and made a point not to miss each week. It was the predecessor to Cheers, and I often wonder why it didn't have quite the success that Cheers had. Nevertheless, this is definately a personal favorite and I would pick this show over Cheers any day of the week. One of the main reasons I loved this show was because of the Louie DePalma character. Never one to mince words.."your wife's peach slop gives me the trots"..or to hold anything back..(he was actually welcoming impotency at the expense of having a microwave..and sat spread eagle in front of one)..His character was I think one of the GREATEST characters in the history of Television. I was lucky enough to be able to watch this show as it started during my High School years and ended during my college days, and it is an indelible hi-lite during my "coming of age" years...Much Thanks to the people responsible for putting this show on!
  • A new york wings. But with taxi cabs.

    That is a good show idea. The N.Y. cab driver has alot to do in his/her day. Like not geting shot. But only Alex got robbed once. Well I have not seen the whole show yet, and it might have happend more then once. But all and all Taxi is a funny show.
  • I think this is the best show ever to air on televison. I would watch this show forever. Rev. Jim the greatest character ever invented.

    This show is the epitome of Televison. I have always loved Taxi, and always will. I could watch this show everyday all day for the Rest of My life. I think it had a great all around cast. Louie's character was essential to the show because you have to have a negative influence to even the show out. It cannot all be goody too shoes. Alex was dry character but that is what made him funny. He tottally had an attraction for Elaine which could be sensed on nearly every show. I love Tony Danza so he was just fun to watch. Bobby could always be seen thinking about his looks which he wasnt that bad looking. Even Jeff's character was an important role. Latka was the most funniest charcter. But I would have to say that Rev. Jim's character is the one who moved me the most. He was like an uncle to me. Fried brain cells and all. The theme song is probably my favorite son ever written. I just love Taxi!!!
  • The best sitcom ever.

    It's a good thing Taxi only ran for five seasons. That's usually the limit before a sitcom jumps the shark and starts falling apart. Taxi was just as good at the end of its run as it was when it premiered. It will always be remembered as a classic unlike a few other sitcoms which stayed too long at the dance.

    Taxi's ensemble cast was what made the show so great. With the exception of Andy Kaufman (whom I never really warmed up to) they were all brilliant. You had Danny DeVito as the slimy Louie DiPalma, Jeff Conaway as the vain Bobby Wheeler, Tony Danza as the dim but earnest Tony Banta, Marilu Henner as the sexy Elaine Nardo, and Christopher Lloyd as the half-crazed Reverend Jim. Holding everything together was the show's linchpin, Judd Hirsch, who played the normal and secure with himself Alex Reger. All you young comedy writers should watch Hirsch's performance on Taxi and let it be a lesson to you. For a sitcom to succeed it has to have at least one sane and normal character not an entire cast of nuts and flakes.

    Taxi seems to be forgotten by many these days who list Seinfeld, Friends, Roseanne, and other overrated shows as the greatest sitcoms of all time. But make no mistake about it, Taxi was great even if it doesn't always get the credit it should. Check it out sometime if it ever pops up again on Nick at Nite or TV Land. You'll be glad you did.
  • With one of the best casts, Taxi was hilarious look at the workplace. The show followed a group of people working under a sexist angry little man. Ohh what an excellent show.

    With a hilarious cast and unbeleivable writing, Taxi is one of the best shows of all time. Like most shows of its time it flirted with the line of acceptability, but rarely crossed it. However like all well written comedies the entertainment value was not given by it's wow power. It spoke for itself.
  • Great Sitcom

    Taxi follows the lives of the cabbies at New York City's Sunshine Cab Company. All the cabbies, except for Alex are looking for better careers. They all face trials and tribulations and Alex is there to give them advice and guidance. Judd Hirsch is a rock as Alex, Danny DeVito is hysterical as tyrannical dispatcher Louie DePalma, Christopher Lloyd takes what could be a one-note character, the burnt out Rev. Jim, and makes him into one of the most memorable characters in sitcom history.
  • One of tvs greatest.

    The first season features some of the best work of Andy Kaufman, Danny Devito, Marilu Henner, and Tony Danza. They were all on the undercard to a starring role of Alex(Judd Hirsh). The show dramaticly improved after that when Christopher Lloyd joined the cast as the unforgettable Reverend Jim. Carol Kane was fantastic as the lovely Simka Gravis wife of Latka Gravis (Kaufmans character).
    When Tv guide did a list of tvs greatest characters I had no doubt some of Taxis characters had to be included. Tv guide may have concluded Louie DaPalma (Devitos role) was the #1 greatest character of all time and I will not disagree, but for me the Reverend Jim Ignatowski who they put in about the top 20 of tvs greatest characters will always be my absolute favorite.
    Anyone who watches the episodes where Jim first tastes a spiked brownie, where Jims father dies, where jim takes his driving test, and where jim is Elaines date has just watched some of telvisions best ever!
  • One of the best ever

    Taxi was a great show with a great cast. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. It won the Emmy for most outstanding comedy series the first three years it was on. Taxi was written by the same people as Cheers, and really has the same concept. Except instead of a bar, it's set in a New York cab company. Danny Devito was one of the best TV villians of all time as the fiery, short middle aged taxi dispatcher. His constant rants toward the cabbies always make me laugh, and when they fight back, he always has a snappy remark. The rest of the cast was also great. It was Judd Hirsch, Tony Danza, Marilu Henner, Christopher Lloyd, Bobby Conway, Randell Carver and Andy Kaufman.