Taxi - Season 5

ABC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Simka's Monthlies
    Episode 24
    Simka is threatened with deportation unless she can prove her marriage is not a scam.
  • A Grand Gesture
    A Grand Gesture
    Episode 23
    Jim provides each of the gang with $1,000 for the purpose of letting them give it away.
  • Jim's Mario's
    Episode 22
    Jim attempts to purchase Mario's.
  • Tony's Baby
    Episode 21
    Tony proposes to his girlfriend Vicki.
  • 4/13/83
    Elaine and Arnie's dating relationship advances to where he's ready to meet her children.
  • 4/6/83
    Louie sets out to propose to Judy.
  • 3/30/83
    Diane, an old friend of Jim's comes to the garage looking for Jim, and Alex takes a liking to her. Alex makes some less than flattering remarks about Jim, not realizing that she and Jim have begun a romantic relationship. When Jim confronts Alex about the things he said, Alex justifies his comments with examples of crazy things that Jim has done. Jim is touched that Alex remembered all those things about him and all is well.moreless
  • A Taxi Celebration (2)
    Part two of a two part clip show featuring highlights of Taxi.
  • A Taxi Celebration (1)
    Part one of a two part clip show featuring highlights of Taxi.
  • Sugar Ray Nardo
    Episode 15
    When Elaine's son, Jason, watched Tony coaching youth boxing, he wants to get involved. Alex and Tony talk Elaine into letting Jason box, despite her better judgement. In Jason's first bout, he gets knocked out by the first punch and Elaine holds Alex responsible. Fortunately, Elaine forgives Alex eventually and Jason doesn't want to box again.moreless
  • Alex's Old Buddy
    Episode 14
    Alex reunites with his old dog, Buddy.
  • Louie Moves Uptown
    Episode 13
    Louie is interested in an upscale co-op apartment, but he must first pass the board's new tenant screening process.
  • Get Me Through the Holidays
    Alex's ex-wife, Phyllis, depressed and lonely, comes to see Alex, who takes pity on her and includes her in his holiday plans. This turns ugly, when she manages to bring the whole gang down with her self-pity. Her Christmas present to Alex is that she won't bug him for New Year's, which turns out to be the best gift she could give him.moreless
  • Zena's Honeymoon
    Episode 11
    Zena returns to announce her engagement. Louie is enraged.
  • Elaine and the Monk
    Elaine and the Monk
    Episode 10
    Latka and Simka introduce Elaine to a friend of theirs visiting from their country named Zifka. Zifka is a monk who has taken a vow of silence but during his vacation is allowed a week (every ten years) to experience all worldly pleasures. He and Elaine quickly fall in love (seemingly to Alex's dismay) but Zifka must resume his silence when his week ends right before he can tell Elaine exactly how he feels about her. Elaine is saddened but understanding, and lets Zifka go.moreless
  • Travels with My Dad
    Tony's dad, a merchant seaman who Tony hasn't seen much of, arranges to bring Tony on a sea trip with him. Tony is hesitant but doesn't want to disappoint his dad, so he goes along. On the trip, Tony spends much of the time seasick, but bonds with his dad and they engage in a bar brawl in Singapore, and almost get matching tattoos until they think better of it.moreless
  • Louie's Revenge
    Episode 8
    Emily returns to seduce Louie again.
  • Alex the Gofer
    Episode 7
    Alex, who loves the theater, takes a part time job as a gofer for a young producer and director, but soon feels mistreated by his younger bosses. Louie, spying on Alex at his new job, spots Alex being humiliated and uncharacteristically does not make fun of him; rather, he tries to convince Alex to stand up for himself and tell the director off. Alex is considering this when the director suddenly has a change of heart and apologizes for mistreating Alex and ignoring one of his earlier suggestions. As a result, Alex regains his dignity.moreless
  • 11/4/82
    Louie lets Jeff, his assistant dispatcher, take the rap for skimming money from the company (that Louie is actually responsible for), assuring Jeff that he'll smooth everything over. Louie overdoes it when he reprimands Jeff in front of the garage owner, though, and the owner not only fires Jeff but has him arrested. Louie eventually tells the owner the truth before Alex has a chance to turn him in, but the owner thinks that Louie is only doing it to protect Jeff. The owner decides as a favor to Louie to drop the charges against Jeff and hire him back, so Louie's crime ends up going unpunished despite his good intentions.moreless
  • Scenskees from a Marriage (2)
    Latka and Simka throw a party and decide the last to arrive will be the one that Simka must sleep with. Alex barely edges out Louie, in hilarious fashion. Simka goes to Alex's apartment to seduce him, but he refuses her advances. It seems Simka and Latka will have to divorce, but Jim points out that they can just marry again after divorcing.moreless
  • Scenskees from a Marriage (1)
    Latka rescues a female cabbie, and has sex with her in the process.
  • 10/14/82
    In this episode, we learn that Alex can be a compulsive gambler. Alex even scares Louie off with his compulsion, but Jim talks some sense into Alex at the end (after having bankrolled him initially).
  • Jim's Inheritance
    Jim's Inheritance
    Episode 2
    When Jim's father passes away and leaves him a substantial inheritance, Jim's siblings sue to have Jim declared incompetent and his inheritance placed in an account that the brother will have control of. In court, Louie and Alex speak in Jim's behalf, but to no avail. Jim later feels better when he plays a tape of "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" that his father left for him.moreless
  • The Shloogel Show
    The Shloogel Show
    Episode 1
    Latka and Simka throw the gang a Schloogel.