Season 1 Episode 6

The Great Line

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 17, 1978 on ABC

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  • Character Development for John Burns.

    While this is a good episode, and there are a few elements in it that are funny and even sweet, it is too unbelivable to be credible, something that taxi usually can achieve. John Burns (Randall Carver) meets a woman at Mario's, and imediately falls love with her. Despite all that can go wrong, and even using one of Bobby's lines, he manages to impress her enough that they spend the night talking, while the rest of the gang watches. The next morning, it turns out the couple gets married, and the rest of the episode is spent, with John wondering how to break it up. After an honest and sweet letter from the girl, John decides to stay married, and goes to the parent's house, with Alex in tow, to convince her not anull it. In spite of some of the things I said about this episode, there are a couple of good things about it. The last scene with the parents has funny moments, and it was nice to watch Dolph Sweet again (from "Gimme a Break") on a different role. The chugging beer contest was also funny, and the actress who played the girlfriend was very good as well. Another nice thing about this episode is, they stayed married, and there are future season 1 episodes that deal with the marriage, before Randall Carver leaves. It might not seem like nothing now, but back than it was very unusual to have any kind of continuity from episode to episode (except 2 parters).