Taxicab Confessions

HBO Premiered Jan 01, 1995 In Season


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  • Wife and I love to Watch...

    My wife and I really love watching Taxicab Confessions. We laugh, and we cry at some stories shared by the taxicab's passengers.
  • Guilty Pleasure

    Get out the popcorn and enjoy one of HBO's popular self-disclosure shows in Taxicab Confessions. It is a mix of Candid Camera and Real World in revealing the lives of the everyday tells of people in their personal lives in a matter of a 10 minute taxicab ride. The confessions truly reflect the society of individuals, who probably wouldn't dare to admit certain skeletons hidden in their closets - yet to a cabdriver, 'who is he or she going to tell...' By the end of the ride, the cabby shows his or her true colors about why they were honestly being "friend" to the passenger. I don't miss an episode!
  • A lot of fun

    I happened to catch this show on HBO2 once, and from what I saw, was pretty messed up and pretty funny. It's kind of fun to see what kind of wide ranges of people live in these cities, from drag queens with wifes, to a couple who is thinking about getting wed inside a taxi cab. They letter have sex in front of the taxi driver. Although some of it seems scripted, most of it seems candid. However some of the chicks driving the taxis totally do not fit the profile (old women) and ask intimate questions to the people who hoop in the cab. But overall, it's a fun show I'd like to have more of.