FOX (ended 1993)


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  • Season 2
    • The Outer Taz-Manian Zone / Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Part II
      The Outer Taz-Manian Zone: Just once Molly wishes Taz could walk in her feet, and then suddenly she gets her wish, and they exchange bodies.

      Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Part II: The doomsday cat returns to wreak havoc on Taz and his family.
    • Jake's Big Date / Taz Live
      Jake's Big Date: Jake has fallen head over heals in love with Heather, the next door neighbor. She doesn't feel the same about him.

      Taz Live:
    • Taz-Manian Theatre / The Bushrats Must Be Crazy
      Taz-Manian Theatre: Taz and Wendal find themselves stuck on a small remote island.

      The Bushrats Must Be Crazy: Not known for their smarts, the Bushrats find Jake's small rubber ducky and start worshiping it, thinking it's a god.
    • Oh, Brother / Taz Babies
      Oh, Brother: A gorilla attacks Taz and Jake while they are playing ball in the jungle.

      Taz Babies: Pilot episode for a spin-off about baby Tazmanian Devils.
    • The Amazing Shrinking Taz And Co.
      Taz and the Gators are involved in a chase, even after a mysterious ray shrinks them down to miniatures versions of themselves.
    • Boys Just Wanna Have Fun / Unhappy Together
      Boys Just Wanna Have Fun: While Jean and Molly are away at a competition, Hugh and the boys have some fun, games and all.

      Unhappy Together: Taz in involved in a fight between Daniel and Timothy.
  • Season 1