Season 1 Episode 27

Taz Like Dingo

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Unknown on FOX

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    Perhaps the most bizarre episode of Taz-Mania ever but I LOVE IT! Digeri Dingo finds a magic lamp with a Canadian genie that he uses to brainwash Taz into being loyal to him no matter what. To get his others two wishes, Digeri gets lazy and forces Taz to do the hard work that the genie assigned. To get to these magical places to perform the tasks, the genie sprays Taz and Dingo with magical rootbeer. At one point, Taz has to steal a rolling pin from a minotaur who loves to bake and Mr.Thickley makes a cameo as a mutant dragon obsessed with dentistry. Digeri eventually winds up using his second wish to be pampered by hot islander women. Taz starts missing Dingo and calls him back with the third and final wish much to Digeri's annoyance. Digeri himself has many award-winning lines in this one. "You order one twine of leviathan, hold the anchovies?" Brilliant! 10/10