Season 1 Episode 23

Taz-Mania's Funniest Home Videos / Bottle Cap Blues

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Unknown on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (Didgeri Dingo motivates Taz while he is still strapped to a jet engine)
      Didgeri Dingo:Y'know I think what the problem is, you don't like bottle caps do you?
      Taz:Taz like bottle cap.
      Didgeri Dingo:Well I gotta tell ya, i'm not sensing 100% here pal. I mean sure you don't feel like it but what if George Washington didn't feel like crossing the Delaware huh? What if Thomas Edison didn't feel like inventing the light bulb. Hey and what if the producers of this very show didn't feel like producing it? And odds are they don't. Whattya say?
      (Taz blasts off on the jet engine)
      Didgeri Dingo:My words exactly.