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Teachers Only

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Teachers are human too, and are prone to the same human failings and foibles that beset us all. It is the rich contrast between the perceptions of the ideal instructor and the all-too-real person behind the desk that provides the vast arena for the new half-hour comedy series TEACHERS ONLY. To capture this rare blend of traits, a singularly capable cast has been assembled to portray those selfless, dedicated professionals.
Renowned stage and screen actress Lynn Redgrave stars as Diana Swanson, a transplanted Englishwoman who teaches, but more accurately crusades for English Literature. She is tireless in her work, but she also realizes there is more to life than grading papers. A recent divorcee, she finds herself well equipped to deal with a wide range of professional and personal situations thanks to a combination of finely-tuned sensitivity and a rapier-sharp wit.
Well-known television favorite Norman Fell ("Three's Company") is the principal, Mr. Cooper, and he must shoulder the brunt of the administrative headaches native to a modern high school, keeping peace with students, teachers, parents and commissioners, all to the detriment of his tender stomach linings. A realist, he treads the fine line between compromise and conscience, with the latter triumphing in most cases.
The ohther member of the school administration is Norman Bartold, playing Mr. Brody, the vice-principal, who in both halls and the teacher's lounge is the over-zealous enforcer of school rules.
On the other end of the spectrum is easy going science teacher Michael Dreyfuss, played by Adam Arkin. Approachable, kind-hearted and an in incurable wise-cracker, he is not averse to tilting against academic windmills if it means sticking by his principles, which usually means taking a stand opposite the principal.
Van Nessa Clark is the outwardly demure French teacher Gwen Edwards, who is in reality a street-wise young lady who will often illustrate a point with a well chosen slang epithet.
Kit McDonough portrays the slightly flaky but eternally good-natured school scretary Lois McArdle, who has a good ear for gossip and frequently acts as an unwitting conduit for sensitive information betweenb the administration and the faculty or vice versa.
While others are overseeing their charges, Richard Karron, playing dour-faced custodian Mr. Pafko, wanders the halls, edluding requests for his services. More skilled at explaining away than fixing maintenance problems, he is a classic example of comic relief.

Norman Fell

Norman Fell

Ben Cooper

Adam Arkin

Adam Arkin

Michael Dreyfuss (1982)

Lynn Redgrave

Lynn Redgrave

Diana Swanson

Joel Brooks

Joel Brooks

Spud Le Boone (1983)

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Jean Smart

Shari (1983)

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