Teacher's Pet

ABC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Teacher's Pet, the Movie
    • A Breed Apart
      A Breed Apart
      Episode 30
      Spot visits the dog show to discover his breeding. Mr. Jolly's father visits, but Mr. Jolly doesn't want to see him.
    • Don't Bite the Hound That Feeds You
      Spot gets fleas who talk in a French accent.
    • The Nose Knows
      The Nose Knows
      Episode 28
      Scott realizes that the Thursday Surprise is dog food.
    • All About Eavesdropping
      Leornard and Scott entertain at a girl's party and end up listening to a secret conversation.
    • The Blight Before Christmas
    • The Flipper
      The Flipper
      Episode 25
    • Attack of the Fifty Inch Girl
      A new girl comes to school and torments Spot.
    • Double Dog Dare
      Double Dog Dare
      Episode 23
      While playing truth or dare Leonard is asked to reveal who his favorite girl in the class is.
    • The Turkey That Came to Dinner
      Leonard's granny visits but she's brought a live turkey that tries to befriend the pets.
    • Inspector Leadready II
      When Leonard is accused of breaking Leslie's map, Leonard and Scott work together to find the culprit.
    • Take Me out of the Ballgame
      Leonard and Scott are trying out for baseball season. When Scott realises he can't join the team, he decides to teach Leonard the game.
    • Team Scott
      Team Scott
      Episode 19
    • One Dog's Trash ...
      Spots chew toy is accidently sold at a yard sale and it gets in the hands of Ian.
    • To Bee or Not to Bee?
      Scott becomes the school's spelling bee champ. Pretty Boy teaches Mr. Jolly how to sing.
    • Science Not Fair
      Science Not Fair
      Episode 16
      Scott and Leonard are both working on their science project. As Leonard seeing why dogs react to the silent whistle, Scott starts bragging about how better his is. Scott later on shows it to Leonard. Miss Helperman passes by and sees it, believing its Leonard. She tells him to take this project no matter what when he tries to tell her it is not his. Scott says since he wins alot in knowledge, he think Leonard deserves a chance to feel that glory and that he'll take his friend's project on the whistles. The next day, everyone except Scott have the same project causing many problem for Leonard. When the judges go up to Scott (The whistle one), they say his is more better because he researched like a real scientist and wins the fair. Scott feels guilty that he won, but he wouldn't have done it without Leonard.moreless
    • Taint Valentine's Day
      Spot plays Cupid for Scott while Mr. Jolly plays Cyrano for Pretty Boy.
    • DogFight
      Episode 14
      Leonard can't play basketball very well, so Scott teaches him. The two are then challenged by 2 fifth graders to a two-on-two game. After being congratulated, Scott and Leonard have an argument on a bad pass. Then they are told to fight each other. But Scott has a plan...
    • What Does Sweat Have to Do with It?
      It's time for the fourth grade class to go square dancing, and when Leonard is paired up with the gal-of-his dreams, Leslie, he's afraid she won't want to dance with him because of his sweaty hands. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly isn't as jolly as he used to be ... since he's lactose intolerant!moreless
    • Party Animal
      Party Animal
      Episode 12
      Spot organizes a birthday party for Leonard against his wishes.
    • Mr. Jolly: Man ..... or Mouser?
      Leonard bets his mom that Mr. Jolly can catch a mouse.
    • Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Green
      Scott teaches Leonard how to play fetch-- or fetch-it, after Leonard says it's boring. That backfires the next day in school, when everyone is bored, trying to think of something to do. While Scott is off getting a drink of water, Leonard teaches everyone the game of Fetch-it-ball, which is just fetch, only with teams, and scoring. When Scott comes back from his drink of water and finds everyone playing fetch, he's surprised. When he finds out he didn't get any credit for fetch-it ... ball, he's even more surprised, and begins to get a little jealous. Later that day, while Scott tries to come up with a game to combat the "grand game of fetch-it", the fourth graders, led by Leonard, get pummeled by the fifth graders in fetch-it-ball.moreless
    • No Substitutions, Please
      Everyone in the class is excited when a substitute teacher takes over ... except Scott.
    • The Grass Seed is Always Greener ...
      Pretty Boy is saddled with PMS-- Pre Migrational Syndrome-- a syndrome that only occurs in that time of the year, fall, when birds begin to feel like migrating down south for winter. Pretty Boy escapes the house, and begins migrating with another bird-- a cool cat with no name. So, while Leonard and Scott go out to look for Pretty Boy, Mr. Jolly vows he will never eat again until "Pretty Boy is restored to his cage once more."moreless
    • Fresh and Frozey Chocolachino
      Leonard asks his mom for a brand-new scooter that he saw in a magazine, but she suggests that Leonard should work for it, so he and Scott open up a lemonade stand. Unfortunately, there are already several lemonade stands on his block. So, while Leonard is sulking over having no ideas as to how to get his skateboard, Scott comes up with a revolutionary dish-- Fresh and Frozey Chocolachino. The Chocolachinos start selling like hot cakes, but Scott and Leonard run out of ingredients. Once again, Leonard starts sulking, while Scott starts thinking. This time, Scott comes up with something less than revolutionary-- ice. Scott masquerades the ice as low-calorie Chocolachinos, hoping the public would be gullible enough to buy any. They do, and when the realize it's just ice, the demand refunds.moreless
    • Strickler's Pet
      Strickler's Pet
      Episode 6
      Principal Strickler vows that he will shave his head and paint it purple if the school reads 20,000 books. But when Scott says that he'll read them all himself, Strickler knows he's in trouble. So, in order to keep Scott away from reading, Strickler employs him as his special assistant-- and keeps him especially busy.moreless
    • Don't Count Your Chickies Before They Hatch
      Scott is thrilled at a chance to go the upcoming air show. But it conflicts with his class assignment to watch over chicken eggs.
    • The Tale of the Telltale Taffy
      Leonard goes trick-or-treating against his mother's wishes. Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy suspect a stray cat of being a vampire.
    • Bad Fur Day
      Bad Fur Day
      Episode 3
      Scott and Leonard both get haircuts and worry about their appearance in school the next day. Mr. Jolly writes a fan letter to a model.
    • A Few Good Boys
      A Few Good Boys
      Episode 2
      Leonard and Scott hate their new Junior Boy Ranger assignments: Leonard has to spend the day with senior citizens and Scott has to look after cats. Meanwhile, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy are fed up with reruns and turn to the internet.
    • Never Take Candy from a Kindergartner
      A kindergartener has a crush on Leonard. Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly complete to give up bad habits.
  • Season 1