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  • Meh, this show was pure genius!!

    I don't know why they cancelled it after only 1 1/2 seasons! This show is underappreciated!! I used to watch it all the time!! It's too bad they took it off at the beginning of last year! I miss this show so much!! It really was a great show from what I remember of it! I can't find this show anywhere! No online videos, no tapes, nothing! I hope they put this show back on even if it is just the same episodes! This show had a lot of potential and it could have done better!! Disney should have given it a second chance!!
  • A dog dresses up as a boy.

    This is a cool show. When I was little and first saw it I loved it. When I saw the movie in the theaters it was one of the best theater experiences in my life. It was great. The movie was hilarious. The show made me laugh. Lenard, Scott (Spot), Mr. Jolly, and that bird (can't remember his name). Gary Baseman is a genius. Wish Disney would air the show more but hey, I have the movie and one episode on dvd. So that's good. This show is high on my favorite shows. Teacher's PEt was a good movie, show, and soundtrack.
  • Leonard is fourth grade student. His mother is the teacher of his fourth grade class, and he's already embarrassed. Spot, his dog, decides to dress up and go to school with Leonard. He acquires his new name from a pencil "Scott Leadready 2".

    Leonard is a 4th grade student. His mother is the teacher of his fourth grade class. Spot was Leonard's dog decided to dress up and go to school. He acquires his new name from a pencil "Scott Leadready II". He makes friends immediately. He shows great intelligence and sports skill. Leonard is suspicious. In the bathroom of his school, Leonard confronts "Scott" and finally learns that it is his dog, and that he can talk, along with his other pets. Leonard was shocked and asked Scott to stay at school. Scott didn't listen to him and claims that education is his destiny. Leonard allows Scott to stay at school, but can only wish that he would just go back home. The series usually focuses on adventures at school, but with subplots Pretty Boy (Cat) and Mr. Jolly (Bird) having their own adventures.
  • I really miss this show, it was one of the last shows i experienced before i became a teenager, and also before the quality of shows i interested in started to fall. Sure i like some new TV shows now, but this was a classic that i shall never forget.

    The show starts off with Spot, Leonard's dog wanting to go to school with him. This leads spot to become Scott Leadready the second and begins his life pretending to be a boy just like he dreams. The show is like many other animations of the last true Saturday morning era, but it became quickly forgotten and most people don't even remember this shows existence. The movie that was released in 2004 was the series finale and probably the only part of the show people remember. If i could i would love to have the high quality episodes, but i am stuck with just my low quality VHS tapes. The show's impact on me was surprising, but its a shame what became of it by the end. If you get a chance to check it out, consider it and spread the memory of the show. I really want high quality episodes to enjoy and i don't see why its so hard for it to be available to the loyal fans (Or whats left of us)
  • Disney's best cartoon in my honest opinion

    Seriously, this show needed a bigger audience. It was truly a great show. I needed youtube just to know of it and now I happily own the movie. Sure, it had a weird premise. I mean, how can a dog convince people that he's human, right? But when you get down to it, fans don't care about that. What we care about is the well-written screenplay each episode had. The show works because of its sharp wit and intelligently-written humor. We don't care if the world's only blue dog can somehow convince people that he's human. It's Disney. We can accept that. And I feel anyone who misses this fact is really missing out and has failed to notice that this is one of the most intelligently-written kid's shows in existence. Those who fault the animations I feel don't know the difference between animations and character designs. Yeah, it has a low budget, dare I say Nickolodean (sp?) look to it but the movements themselves are really smooth as is the shading at times thus making the animations some of the best ever. Give this show a chance if you can find it.
  • A really funny show, from what I can remember of it.

    I really don't remember seeing this show that much, what I do remember though, is that I really liked it. But I was just a kid.

    This show is relatively unknown, which is such a shame, because it's so underrated.

    From what I can recall, it had fast-paced humour similar to 'The Emperor's New School'.

    I can't find this show ANYWHERE, not on TV, not online, its like its just completely disappeared off the face of the universe! I wish I could just grab my DVD recorder and travel back in time 5 years, and just record every single episode, but that just ain't possible.

    Among my favourites!
  • This show was way better than it was treated by Disney.

    I for one loved it. It really could have gone somewhere, but it was canceled due to lack of viewers. :( It could have made more episodes, had it not been for people not watching it as much. I wish it had gone on longer. Its movie may have been very disgracive, it should not have affected the series.
  • Hoped for more but didn't get it

    1st ep (10)
  • I didn't like the show for a good reason

    I didn't really like this show for a good reason. It's not the animation or Spot changing into a boy which is cute and Nathan Lane did awesome job, the real reason I don't like this show because the kids are abusing Leonard because the teacher is his mother. The kids are so mean to him and even the girl he has crush doesn't like him at all. This is the most mean-spirited show I've ever seen. It's not a bad show, I just can't bare Leonard being friendless. It's like he has the Charlie Brown syndrome.
  • A dog dresses up as a kid and fools everyone

    The animation is bad, the characters are ugly, the plot is silly, it is impractical, and need I go on? For one the dog talks, quite okay, if it wasn't so weird a dog. He dresses as a kid, with his tail, dogface and paws, and pulls it off? Not possible. Then he is quite good in school and they build a series around it? Utter madness. The jokes are bad, and this is exemplified by the lack of good plot. The bad character modeling and their ugliness over shadow any thing good. It mat appeal to a younger audience, or to people who like this sort of mindless dribble, but not to all.