Teacher's Pet

ABC (ended 2002)





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  • I really miss this show, it was one of the last shows i experienced before i became a teenager, and also before the quality of shows i interested in started to fall. Sure i like some new TV shows now, but this was a classic that i shall never forget.

    The show starts off with Spot, Leonard's dog wanting to go to school with him. This leads spot to become Scott Leadready the second and begins his life pretending to be a boy just like he dreams. The show is like many other animations of the last true Saturday morning era, but it became quickly forgotten and most people don't even remember this shows existence. The movie that was released in 2004 was the series finale and probably the only part of the show people remember. If i could i would love to have the high quality episodes, but i am stuck with just my low quality VHS tapes. The show's impact on me was surprising, but its a shame what became of it by the end. If you get a chance to check it out, consider it and spread the memory of the show. I really want high quality episodes to enjoy and i don't see why its so hard for it to be available to the loyal fans (Or whats left of us)
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