Teacher's Pet

ABC (ended 2002)





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  • Disney's best cartoon in my honest opinion

    Seriously, this show needed a bigger audience. It was truly a great show. I needed youtube just to know of it and now I happily own the movie. Sure, it had a weird premise. I mean, how can a dog convince people that he's human, right? But when you get down to it, fans don't care about that. What we care about is the well-written screenplay each episode had. The show works because of its sharp wit and intelligently-written humor. We don't care if the world's only blue dog can somehow convince people that he's human. It's Disney. We can accept that. And I feel anyone who misses this fact is really missing out and has failed to notice that this is one of the most intelligently-written kid's shows in existence. Those who fault the animations I feel don't know the difference between animations and character designs. Yeah, it has a low budget, dare I say Nickolodean (sp?) look to it but the movements themselves are really smooth as is the shading at times thus making the animations some of the best ever. Give this show a chance if you can find it.