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  • "Jenny. Jenny,

    Something went horribly amiss when the (BBC or CH4) series,"Teachers" SESANYA! She , though being one of the main characters, and personalities was the striations that run through a gemstone offering it character, intrigue, interest, and sometime a brilliant FLASH of GOLD. She had a smile and wit that left one guessing,"What's she thinking"? She was the PERFECT COMPLEMENT to "Simon", a member of her staff in the English Department: The interplay between those two was to savor, to be enticed by, enjoy and love. The show, "Teachers", hardly holds my interest any has no real personalities to hold ones interest. It's too busy, just filling time,almost "Mutt ad Jeff"ish! i do really miss the characters, "Jenny" and "Simon"! Sad really, but I hope and pray I will see Nina Sasanya in other productions and programs.
  • Great show, but with diminishing returns from Series 1 thru Series 4. Teachers went from being a comedy drama to more of a surreal comedy, with the characters becoming less likable and more absurd. S1 (10/10), S2 (8.5/10), S3 (7.5/10), S4 (5/10).


    Judging by the reviews, what you like about Teachers depends very much on when you started watching. I started Series 1. I liked it because it was a well written and acted comedy drama. I liked the central character, Simon, and that the story revolved around him making his way in the world. Back then the show was realistic. People had real problems - Susan's divorce and breakdown, for example - but it was still irreverent and fun.

    By Series 2, Simon was no longer the central character. It was no longer a show about his journey, but instead about the cast at large. It was still a comedy drama, but the plots were starting to drift into the realm of unrealistic. Regardless, it was still very entertaining.

    Series 3 saw a paradigm shift. The show lost most of its cast - without explanation - and became more of a sit-com rather than a comedy drama. Surreal elements came to the fore more often, somewhat distractingly, and it became harder to relate to the characters. That said, I still liked it. I liked the acting of both of the two new main characters, Lindsay and Matt, and it still had enough laughs to keep you interested.

    By Series 4 the show was unrecognizable from Series 1. None of the main original cast were left. The setting and situations were unreal. The background donkeys, dwarfs, beatings etc had become hackneyed, often taking away from some pretty well written banter. The biggest change for me, however, was that I no longer felt any empathy for the characters. The characters were now a bunch of w@nkers, whose occasional funny dialog did little to stop me from despising everything they did.

    The biggest shame about 'Teachers' is that if they had stuck with the original format, a true comedy drama, they could easily have produced as many series as they wanted. I am not sure why they didn't. I can only assume they got bored and thought they constantly needed to one-up themselves. It does make me a little sad. I can't help but feel sorry for what might have been.

  • Series 2 was the Best !

    Recently watched all 4 Series on the box set from Amazon at a great price.
    I joined the series while it was on TV at Series 3, and being an ex-teacher the programme got me hooked from the start. Watching the Complete Series from the start onwards, I think Series 1 is the weakest-with far too much attention on Simon - to the detriment of the other cast members. Series 2 for me - is it where it REALLY starts !!
    It's like a whole new show - everything about it is better - best of all is how it all seems better balanced, with more lines for the other teachers who are far more interesting and funny than that pratt Simon !
  • It may have faltered in its final season, but the first three years of this show were absolute genius

    Honestly, watching Teachers is an incredible experience, particularly if you're viewing episodes from the first two seasons. Both funny and dramatic at the same time, its witty scripts coupled with bordering-on-abstract direction make for a delightfully surreal 45 minutes of television. Add to that a great music soundtrack and you have a feast for the senses.
    What really puts this television show above the rest, though, are the characters - often implorable but always entertaining, it's because of them that so many people became addicted to this show. Who can forget Simon's self-obsessed wailings and Susan's constant attempts to placate him? How about Kurt and Brian the double act? All the sex-related shenanigans the gang would get up to? The actors played these characters to a T, making their performances so believable that the show gets ensconsed within your reality. While some of my peers mightn't agree, I honestly believe this is a modern masterpiece of television, and everyone reading should watch it.
  • Teachers was an ace show that seems to have had a number of copycat shows pop up in recent months.

    Teachers was a fantastic show. I know many people say it, and I hate to agree, but it did go slightly downhill in the third & fourth seasons. Still though at its lowest points it was a 7.

    The main reason that this show was so succesful was that they showed Teachers as normal people. Twenty/thirty somethings who were just plugging through the day, counting down the minutes until they could go to the pub. Some of them were naturally abled at their job (Susan), some had fallen into it and were just cruising through (Simon). They had to deal with dramatic issues but of course they wish they didn't.

    As if this wasn't enough for you, the off beat humour was continuous, hilarious and beatifully subtle at times. It was a real treat to watch.

    And now there are the copycat shows. I'm mostly talking about the lame lame lame Waterloo Road on BBC1. I'd recommend to anyone interested in these school situated drama shows not to bother with the ones on TV right now and to buy or rent the Teachers series instead. It's worth anyone's time.
  • Superb Show!!!

    I think this is the funniest show that i have seen on TV yet. It's so realistic and it is full of humour and reality.
    It's a shame that the original characters have left the show but it is still great to watch. I have series 1-4 on DVD and i watch it over and over again.
    I would love it if they bought it back to Channel 4 as it's just brilliant!!!
  • Teachers acting like students.

    Its hard not to love this great show! If I was a teacher, then this is the kind of life I'd want to lead. These are the other teachers I'd love to hang out with. They are just like students, they way they talk about their love lifes and how they smoke at school where no-one can catch them! and whats great is that after a "hard" days work they can go to the pub and get totally pissed.

    Great characters who you can relate to. I found myself really caring what happens to them.
    This is an extremely underrated comedy,

    Its absolutely hilarious!
  • Simple put this show is about a group of Teachers from Bristol in England who need more advice then their students do when it comes to their personal lives.

    Who knew teachers drank soo much?? I love this show I was just flipping channels and hit on BBC America and there it was. I love Simon, the mian character. He is always so conused about one thing or another but sometimes he gets it right and sometimes he gets it dead wrong.

    This show is definitely full of laughs over how the teachers interact in school and how they do out of the school. Sometimes it can get a bit slow (although i have only watch Season One) But it is worth a look-see
  • An amazing idea! Completely changed my opinion of teachers in general and well worth a watch.

    Teachers is quite possibly one of the most original shows to air on the United Kingdom's Channel 4 in a long time.
    The acting is first-rate with the actors delivering completely dead pan humour episode after episode.
    I could not help but identify with the characters, especially Simon in the first two series, as he represents to me the typical confused twenty-something male.
    Unfortunately the third and fourth series were not quite up to par with the original which was a minor disapointment.
    However, this minor flaw can be overlooked entirely due the soundtrack. Teachers boasts an impressive selection of British artists, such as Feeder, Starsailor and The Libertines.
    I strongly recommend watching Teachers if given the opportunity, as it cannot fail to amuse in a querky kind of way.
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