Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 18, 2006 on NBC
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It is the annual online golf tournament and this year, Jeff is finally going to win but unfortunately he discovers Alice inadvertently broke his laptop. He turns to the faculty lounge computer and discovers Principal Wiggins has already claimed it for the day. Desperate, Jeff realizes that Calvin is directing a new play, so he concocts a plan to oust Calvin from his role as the director and tries to convince Principal Wiggins she would be the perfect choice.moreless

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  • Jeff is trying to find a WiFi connection for his laptop so that he can participate in an online golf tournament. After finding the perfect connection outside the school, and placing the laptop on a ledge...moreless

    ...Jeff engages in a conversation with Dick, Calvin and Tina (man she is soo fine). He learns that Dick has a $100 bet on Jeff, and that Tina is rooting against him because he has never won the tournament. As there conversation is ending Alice walks outside and sends the laptop flying down two stories. Now Jeff must find a way to secure a computer so that he can play golf, he has to help Alice with her teaching methods, he has to deal with a kid who is being bullies, and help Calvin keep the directors position in the school play.moreless
  • Great Script

    the idea that teachers can run back and foward while dealing with school problems such as bulling and students issues, and play online golf, its a good storyline again the script writers have achived a great script again with good jokes and excellent one liners. I also like the bit where he mentones that nothing can go wrong and off course alice walks through teh door crashing his laptop into the ground, so funny, i think and hope that this show has a futre of some sort but was looking on here and notuced that the other episodes only recieved 3 reviews each so we'll just keep watchingmoreless

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    • Principal Wiggins: Mr. Babbet! I'm surprised to see you here. In light of last night's production of Pippin I thought you pick up and move.
      Calvin: Well, I thought there are some bright spots.
      Mitch: You know I was enjoying it until Ms. Wiggins told me it was bad.

    • (Jeff holds his notebook in the air searching for a Wireless Lan signal)
      Calvin: Oh, I remember my first Laptop dance.

    • Dick: It's the 18th hole if you pour this you win the tournament
      Tina: And if you don't, I'll let you watch me on a trampoline.
      Dick: For $2000 bucks he can buy his own trampoline.
      Jeff: You might be missing the point there Dick.

    • (student falls)
      Alice: Mr. Cahill you just stepped right over that boy.
      Jeff: Yea it's easy you just have to think of them as logs.

    • Alice: The harder I work the less effective it seems to be.
      Jeff: So maybe don't work so hard.

    • Jeff: 1st hole, 540 yards. What do you think caddie, any advice?
      Dick: Hit the ball before the 90sec time limit expires.
      Tina: Yea go ahead give it your best shot. Oh and by the way I'm wearing a thong.
      Dick: Big deal, so am I.

    • Alice: (to Jeff) Must be nice being you. Not only do you not take your work home with you, you don't even bring your work to work.

    • Jeff: (to Alice) Well in the future if you're looking for a good crying spot (points to shoulder) I've got one right here for you.

    • Jeff: You know I'm glad that you're doubting me because this year I play not for pride or for redemption or for the $2,000 prize money but for redemption.
      Calvin: You said you weren't playing for redemption.
      Jeff: Yes but as I was speaking I realized I was playing for redemption.

    • Tina (Sees Jeff, Calvin, & Dick): Oh look at the three of you. You're like a lesbian recruitment poster. Oh and when Jeff loses the tournament I would like to be paid in cash and not those coupon books you old people favor.

    • Dick: The wife and I are celebrating our 35th wedding aniversary and she wants me to take her to Applebees.

    • Jeff (holds out his jacket): Dick you wanna grab this.
      Dick: Nope.
      Jeff: But you're my caddie.
      Dick: I don't care what you call me; I'm not gonna carry your crap.

    • Calvin: Hey Dick. What are you doing? I thought you gave up smoking.
      Dick: Yea I did, but then I saw your play last night and decided to give up on life instead.

    • Jeff: I'm not used to living with failure. I don't know how you do it.
      Calvin: I don't live with failure.
      Jeff: No, but you are frequently seen with it.

    • Jeff: I have a feeling this is the year that I am finally going to realize one of my life long dreams' winning something vaguely sports related.

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