Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 18, 2006 on NBC



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    • Principal Wiggins: Mr. Babbet! I'm surprised to see you here. In light of last night's production of Pippin I thought you pick up and move.
      Calvin: Well, I thought there are some bright spots.
      Mitch: You know I was enjoying it until Ms. Wiggins told me it was bad.

    • (Jeff holds his notebook in the air searching for a Wireless Lan signal)
      Calvin: Oh, I remember my first Laptop dance.

    • Dick: It's the 18th hole if you pour this you win the tournament
      Tina: And if you don't, I'll let you watch me on a trampoline.
      Dick: For $2000 bucks he can buy his own trampoline.
      Jeff: You might be missing the point there Dick.

    • (student falls)
      Alice: Mr. Cahill you just stepped right over that boy.
      Jeff: Yea it's easy you just have to think of them as logs.

    • Alice: The harder I work the less effective it seems to be.
      Jeff: So maybe don't work so hard.

    • Jeff: 1st hole, 540 yards. What do you think caddie, any advice?
      Dick: Hit the ball before the 90sec time limit expires.
      Tina: Yea go ahead give it your best shot. Oh and by the way I'm wearing a thong.
      Dick: Big deal, so am I.

    • Alice: (to Jeff) Must be nice being you. Not only do you not take your work home with you, you don't even bring your work to work.

    • Jeff: (to Alice) Well in the future if you're looking for a good crying spot (points to shoulder) I've got one right here for you.

    • Jeff: You know I'm glad that you're doubting me because this year I play not for pride or for redemption or for the $2,000 prize money but for redemption.
      Calvin: You said you weren't playing for redemption.
      Jeff: Yes but as I was speaking I realized I was playing for redemption.

    • Tina (Sees Jeff, Calvin, & Dick): Oh look at the three of you. You're like a lesbian recruitment poster. Oh and when Jeff loses the tournament I would like to be paid in cash and not those coupon books you old people favor.

    • Dick: The wife and I are celebrating our 35th wedding aniversary and she wants me to take her to Applebees.

    • Jeff (holds out his jacket): Dick you wanna grab this.
      Dick: Nope.
      Jeff: But you're my caddie.
      Dick: I don't care what you call me; I'm not gonna carry your crap.

    • Calvin: Hey Dick. What are you doing? I thought you gave up smoking.
      Dick: Yea I did, but then I saw your play last night and decided to give up on life instead.

    • Jeff: I'm not used to living with failure. I don't know how you do it.
      Calvin: I don't live with failure.
      Jeff: No, but you are frequently seen with it.

    • Jeff: I have a feeling this is the year that I am finally going to realize one of my life long dreams' winning something vaguely sports related.

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  • Allusions

    • Calvin's next school production is to be Cabaret. Cabaret was a 1967 Tony Award winning Broadway musical.

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