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  • Phil Hendrie was one of the few bright spots in this other wise uneven sitcom.

    I must admit I watched this show primarily for Phil Hendrie. I was a big fan of his radio program and I had hoped to see some of his characters make their way into the show. Sadly, Hendrie was under used. The rest of the cast was competent but I got the idea that the show was poured out of a mold. There was little that was new or innovative. The jokes could have come right out of unused scripts for Welcome Back Kotter or Head of the Class. In the end it was the afore mentioned Phil Hendrie who kept things interesting for me. I suppose I could listen to Phil read the phone book and laugh. The fact that I watched and laughed at Teachers proves my point.
  • The jokes are second rated and the script is badly written. If this is truly based on the UK version , then why isn't the UK version as bad as this. I dont live in the UK or US. So I'm not one-sided.

    I live in Holland.
    We recently got Comedy central so i was known with the Us version so i began tuning in with the Chanel. We only get it from 6.oo pm to .... eh really late. Nickelodeon is on before.

    So, some people at comedycentral decided to show Teachers on TV. I was hooked and i still am.

    I went surfing on tv.com to see what would happen on the next episodes. Then i found out that there where two Teachers. The UK version and the US version. I thought that like the office, it would probably also be good. Well it wasn't.

    I watched some episodes online and i was mad. (Don't ask me where i saw those illegal copies of them, i know the feds are on this site) LOL

    But back to the point.
    The UK version had a good storyline, it was original and the characters where almost as real.

    The US changed it in a Sit-com. The storyline sucked and the personages where badly thought out. You couldn't relate to them and the jokes where second rated. And most of all, it missed the classical MONDAY, THUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, etcetera thing going on. I am not say that it was bad because the writers probably wanted to make there work different and to not copy everything from The UK version. I understand.

    The other reason was the personages from both shows that where so different. Mostly all of the characters in the UK version where mad and bitter. There where annoyed by everything and who cant relate with that.

    The personages from the US version where just so happy all the time. I dont blame the actors but the dam writers hoe wrote them to do this. The main guy, Jeff is mostly the main person everything is about him. The other personages are just there to make the hole thing pretty. They have no dept in so all and they just stand around him and nod there heads.

    The script is also bad. It looks like it was written by some 11 year old kid how watches a Lott of FRIENDS and has English as third langues. They hold the hole show together with one-line jokes. The UK version didnt have that. The hole situation was funny. How they acted on it, how the saw it. Their personalities. They reaction was something that there characters would totally do. Everything was thought out. That one is different to the other. They all had one personality in the US version except for Dick. He is the only reason that i watched the hole six episodes. Dick is probably the best made character in the hole show. The English women is just ignorant and prejudicial. Not all English persons are like that.

    The UK version looked and was shot like a reality show. But the writers could make the script and make it better.

    The actors where good and acted good considering the material that was given. I blame the writers. They had a good start by stealing it from the Brits but they just made it bad. I am only 14 but i know what i like and i have a stick and selective taste in things. If you can get me happy, your show or movie must be the best. I dont look at thing and say without try that its crap because i do want to enjoy myself with something good.

    My judgement was that the writers should be shot and that if someone ever wants to make such a dull show with some less dept in it, then they should get arrested. It is probably my fault that i think that this is so bad because i take things serious but if you want people to watch the show and wait during commercial breaks to see what is happening then you should make a good show. But hey, I'm dutch but and i should not give a damm about this but NBC is probably going to sell it to some dutch channel then we are forced to watch it.

    So, god this is long, they had a good beginning but they made i worst.

    What do i write long reviews. MMMM...HIHI
  • A fantastic show...not necessarily very real and maybe not accurate but totally hilarious all the same!

    Six teachers at an American public high school:
    The man who pretends not to care and is a terrible flirt. A tubby man who's blunt, pessimitic but cares more than he lets on. A do-gooder English woman who follows the rules and cares too much. A black man who comes across as a bit simple, and a sidekick who follows along. The sexy substitute who becomes permanent. And the brown noser who thinks a lot more of himself than everyone else. Throw in a headmaster who hates her job and you have the perfect combination for a laugh.

    This show had me in stitches. It only had six episodes (and they're only 20 minutes long, minus ads) but it was hilarious! The humour was sometimes just plain corny...but you just had to laugh. At times dorky, mean and odd however all thrown in together it is so worth watching. It may not appeal to some people, as it isn't necesarily an accurate depiction of teaching. But that aside, it is very well-written and definetely unique! Pity some of my high school teachers weren't this entertaining!
  • great show

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    I found out about this show a little too late and only got to see a few episodes, but i loved it. I was absolutely heartbroken when it was cancelled. I really, really hope that they put it out on DVD...(im crossing my fingers and wishing really hard *). I wish my teachers had been that entertaining when i was in school.

    Anyway, the humour may not have been everyones cup of tea but it certainly was mine. Sometimes it was subtle and other times it was kind of dorky, but i still loved it.

    I miss this show! Please come back...
  • A bunch of sycophantic, childish teachers and administrators ineptly run a middle school in the UK. Subtle beyond understanding. If watched without sound one would probably believe they were watching a drama, not a side splitting, dark comedy.

    The second seasons cast change at first was hard to take, this isn\\\'t unusual of course. You come to love the cast of a classic and cant bare to see them go.

    How does one describe a sublime dark comedy classic? Well firstly its influences are clearly the modern animated series such as Family Guy. The subject matter sings of that usually reserved for drawn shows. Freezeframe fun and background madness is something rarely seen. The mix of characters who are forced to live together in a school where the children don\\\'t seem to exist, let run free and destroy and degrade anything they choose.

    More than a simple sitcom about teachers, this living classic looks, tongue deeply pressed into cheek, at the inner workings of the minds of those who teach children in an almost invisible public school. Clearly traumatised by their choice of career their chosen paths are simply to humiliate the others who made the same grave mistaken choice.

    Dark and in some cases shocking this is one show that you simply must see to believe. But remember, you need to actually WATCH it or it will just pass you by.
  • Another blah show

    There are no good sitcoms anymore (except for Scrubs and the Office). I'm only 15 and I've figured that out.

    Teachers is no exception. I watched every episode down until the end, optimistic that it would get better. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It had the nerve to call itself a sitcom, yet I found myself laughing about .5 times per episode. The timing on the actors' behalf was okay, but the jokes were predictable and lacked wit. In short: Teachers was just not funny.

    The actors were decent but at times dull. As for writing, that wasn't all that great either, but the plots were usually okay. Oh well, at least the world only had to put up with 6 episodes.
  • I hate this! They were given the best premise and an amazing cast but the acting and writing sucked!

    I tried to like this! I really did. I watched about 4 episodes but once Less Than Perfect started it's mid-season I was out of the classroom! They were given the greatest premise. Teachers! What are they doing in the break room? They aren't really as boring as they seem! They real live goings of teachers! Come on! They had a gem here. It wasn't people didn't give it a chance because I don't know about everyone else but I did. The writing! Don't get me started! It was yuck! They had a great cast. The main guy, that chick from Meet The Parents. I don't know the names but I have seen them in other stuff and the only person doing any acting was that chick from Meet The Parents when she want's Ben Stiller to check his bag and they had a fight. She was th only one doing any acting. Give her a show that i'll watch. I gave it a swinging chance and I feel like it didn't even try. I really wasnted to love this show because the premise rocks but you failed. This show is a real shame....
  • this show is about a bunch of Teachers trying to make a living.

    honestly,I dont understand why they have laugh tracks.I was about to shoot myself!this show has no storyline and I didn\'t even laugh at anything they said during the whole series.Thank god its over!if NBC ever picks up a sitcom like this ever again following Scrubs,i\'m going 6 channels up to say goodbye to teachers and hello to doctor House.Was there supposed to be a romance going on?Also, scrubs is one of my favorite shows,but how could a hilarious writer like the one on scubs come up with something like this.What I do know is that NBC made the right move letting this one go.
  • It "could" have gotten better. But most people groaned and switched the channel the first time they heard a pun or a laugh track.

    This show was doomed from the start. The writers could have at least taken a look at real teacher life before writing this show. Some of the stuff are just implausible (drinking in school, golf, a substitute becoming a full-on teacher "just like that") and ridiculous beyond humor. All of the characters are poorly drawn (why is there a random British teacher?) and the main character has a huge foible: most of the time he is ridiculous and immature beyond reason, but we are supposed to believe that he has his "serious" moments. For the main character in Scrubs, I can believe it, but this show just won't Sitwell with you. It sure didn't with me.

    They made a huge mistake.
  • And another one bites the dust.

    What goes up, must come down. So for this season Teachers has finished and all I can hope for is that the next season is already plannend. I really liked it to see Sarah Alexander again. For me she personalizes clean straight comedy with little extra of british voice.

    Teachers is one those series you don't want miss a single episode. I liked the change of plots, so not every episode was like the one before and the actors are doing their best to keep stereotype as they ought to be. This series is well written and fits perfectly into the genre of a sitcom.

    Summarizing I like you to know I would be glad to be able to watch a second series. For now I have to look for other nice comedy series until Teachers returns.

    So long, crazyandi.
  • I enjoy it but im not sure why....

    For some strange reason i find myself watching this show every week. Is the plot good? Is the writing great? No, but i still enjoy the show. I guess i just really like the actors that potray the characters. The show makes me laugh occasonally and i find some of the acting to be quite good. The ms. Wiggins character is poor, and a waste of time on the show. Kali Rocha does not do a good job as far as the acting goes, no principal acts like that, the thought that one would is laughable. Although the show does have some flaws i find myself sitting in front of the tv to watch this show each and every week. Im praying for a season 2!
  • Good Show

    This is a fair enough good show, its very finer and has some brilliant jokes, mostly about the british but i find that funny, the charactors are great with there own styles, and even though i bet teachers dont behave like that i bet they wish they could. However the only critical thing that i woud say is, i think that the music between scenes really spoils this, i understand that thats what a show like this has to have but i personnaly cant stand teh muc=sic at every scene change it just gets on my nerves so there you have it, Great show Great Charactors, Its going in my favourites!
  • This new show seems very promising. I originally made the choice to watch based on 2 favorite actors (Sarah Alexander from "Coupling") and the man from "National Treasure," however it is a truly wonderful show.

    This new show seems very promising. I originally made the choice to watch based on 2 favorite actors (Sarah Alexander from "Coupling") and the man from "National Treasure," however it is a truly wonderful show. I think the writing is hilarious and witty. I would like to see this show work harder on character development and make a good, long run much like Friends did. I think the cast is likeable enough for this to happen, but the writers are going to have to step-up tehe content a little bit to keep it from being a purely "silly" show. Love it!
  • Bunch of teachers sit around in a staff room and talk. They exchange bad jokes and anicdotes while the laughtrack goes nuts. The odd plotline is put into the show, but mainly a lot of sitting around and talking. . . . . . . . .

    I didn\\\'t expect this show to be much as soon as I heard the laugh track. For some reason alone, shows with laugh tracks generally annoy me, but I decided to give this a chance. It\\\'s a cheap sitcom. Cheap typical jokes, cheap typical characters. The whole time you watch the show, you try to figure out where you\\\'ve seen this before, and thats why i dont like the show. Theres nothign new to it, and i cant see it lasting long. NBC really isn\\\'t doing much to get the viewers these days. Heist, another really cheesy show is another failure.
  • Wanted to like it

    I tried to like this show for the Sarah Alexander/Coupling factor, but it is just so bad. The laugh track is the worst I have ever heard, literally. It is so canned and they don't even vary it from one laugh to the next. The writing is so uninspired and the scenes so contrived and obvious. How many times can they trot out the "I pretend that I don't care about teaching but I really love it" storyline? Then there's the principal and her lackey, and I'm not sure which, but one of them is the most annoying character on network TV since the nun on Good Morning, Miami.
  • Stale, flat, and desperately dependent on the canned laughter.

    I watched one episode of this show and won't make the same mistake again. I expected it to be witty, fast paced, and well written, like Scrubs, but it's exactly the opposite. There was obnoxious, early-Nineties style canned laughter remniscient of such uninspired shows as Home Improvement. The show's anchor seems to be the obnoxious guy from National Treasure, and he's as unfunny as ever. I was hoping for the best when I first started watching it, but it's competely unoriginal, following the set up and then a joke formula, with the same old tired jokes mediocre shows have been delivering for quite some time, now. Teachers and students alike are typecast as unimaginitively as possible -- it's clear that the writers haven't been in school for a while and that they're just looking to profit from Scrubs' success.
  • Perhaps the biggest example of how Scrubs has grown in a short 5 years from a floundering comedy, to a megahit. It's having spin offs. Spinoffs that arn't spinoffs. And Spinoffs that are the exact same show, just not funny.

    Please forgive me in this review, I'll be making numerous comparisions to Scrubs, an excellent NBC comedy, and the top of the form.

    In addition I'm going to be a little more opinionated in this review because if I am taking the comparisions obviously we're already braking form, but my opinions are essential as the comparision themselves can be taken any way and I'll illustrate how I arrive at my critism.

    That's not to say the comparision is out of left field. This show comes on after Scrubs, the show that was in that place before was Scrubs repeats, this show was created by two writers from Scrubs, and if you can't guess it, it's almost exactly the same as Scrubs. But it's not.

    The show main characters is basically, take the archtypes from scrubs, (the quirky doctor, the sexy doctor, the black doctor, his girl, the older doctor) and then change one word. Doctor to teacher. Make a few changes (the black teacher doesn't have a girlfriend yet, there's a second white girl in the show, only one "elder" doctor) But the point is the design of the show is blantently obvious.

    This isn't a bad thing. In the early 90s every comic had a tv show, and they always played someone similar to themselves and they did it on EVERY show. And then you have seinfeld, 4 friends have mad cap adventures, then friends 6 friends have mad cap adventures, Everybody Loves Raymond, Raymond's family has mad cap adventures. Each of the shows are different in their stories.

    But that's where this show hits the wall, the show came out of the gates running, but no one saw it speeding up. Instantly from the first episode you're supposed to already know and like these guys. However you don't know them. It's obvious some people will say "oh that's JD, and that's Turk, and that's definatly Elliot" but that's not how you're supposed to do the show. They even have a hookup in the first episode between the "Elliot" (who had the unique trait of passing through, being a temp) and the "JD" characters. Except wait for it. They didn't? and wait for it, she's staying on. Wow. That didn't happen in the first episode of Scrubs.

    It sounds like I'm negative on this show, and yes I am. It's rated a five though, because there's good parts and bad parts. They did remove JD's dream sequence, which could be seen as the best part of Scrub's comedy, but the main teacher's friendship and interaction then becomes more important, there's some decent jokes, and good laughs, but they are infrequent and the characters just don't exude a fun exterior.

    The problems with this show though pretty much stem from two facts. The two creators were creators on Scrubs and they obviously were trying to make something where they didn't have to work with new character types. (NBC likes this formula so writers can move around. they had great success with the L&O, apparently they are trying to get away from L&O however not away from the formula.) And the second problem is that the two creators didn't spend enough time away from Scrubs before creating this show, they likely did it in their off-time and it shows.

    That's again not to say there's no potential, but it hasn't felt ready to take on it's own audience, and moved away from the space between scrubs and Law&Order:SVU's new episodes, would lead to a very quick death. Most of the audience likely hasn't switched channels and went to grab a snack before the new SVUs (so far both episodes have been after new scrubs and before new and highly promoted SVUs.

    If this show had to swim on it's own however it'd definatly lose a lot of popularity, personally if it wasn't for the timeslot, I'd probably drop it another 2 points, but where it is, isn't a huge problem, the fact the show just isn't very good yet is.
  • I haven't seen this yet, but there was a TV program in the UK with the same name... if it is....

    ...then its most probably going to be shit. As with all the things that the Americans try to copy, its never as good as the original (I'm mainly talking movies here, not sure about TV shows).

    If I do watch the 1st episode I might give it a review... maybe.
  • About teachers and how they run school life

    About teachers and how they run school life. so unoriginal, aren't we tired about what goes on during school. But know we have to see about adults go through it. But still at times it can be funny. Not the best NBC show, still trales behind scrubs, and it may never go to that sandres.
  • I thought it was great and Justin Bartha was hilarious. Cant wait for tonights show.

    I give it two thumbs up for edgy humor and a great cast!!! The writers on the show should pat themselves on the back for creating a slice of life that we havent seen before on TV. There are so many avenues the show could go from here, and the relationships can be developed over time if it's given a chance.
  • Was that "Zero" as the Hamlet student??

    I'm a future teacher, so I tuned in... wow, awful. I was hoping for something funny yet showed the daily struggles real teachers face. Instead, this show definitely needs to do some more homework and do a rewrite. The only reason I watched it all the way through was because I swear the student was Zero from the movie Holes, although I can't find anything online to confirm that. (Another side note, yes, only one student was shown... if this show is about teachers, we might actually have to see them, you know, with students.) I enjoyed him so much in Holes that I watched, in hopes he would be in more scenes.

    This show, unless it makes a quick turn around, will be done before summer.
  • This show is so funny!

    I watched this show for the first time Tuesday. I heard,"Next- Teachers." I thought that it sounded interesting So I watched it. Wow. I was not expecting to laugh that much. It was absolutely hilarious! I recomend this show to anyone who wants to laugh. And teachers. It didn't seem very realistic, but who cares? It is still funny! I think this show will be a hit. Even though Comedys don't get the smae attention that Dramas get. This will be a top comedy. Like Friends. I can see a resemblence. Really I do. Well, Watch this show i promise it will make you laugh.
  • Like the office another poor copy of a successful UK show

    Teachers the UK version is successful British comedy
    now into its fourth season. This show is a blatant copy, and has is common with with other UK comedies that are re-invented for an American market misses the mark.
    The over most recent example being the office, which
    started off very poorly but has rapidly improved in the second season. I only hope Teachers (the US version) does the same.

    Dusagi - Australia
  • I thought it was worth the watch. It certainly isn't a gut-busting riot of laughter but not to shabby all the same.

    When I saw the previews, NBC's newest attempts to replace Friends and Will & Grace, I wasn't all that impressed. I don't usually go for sitcoms of any sort but I do have some favorites. I can't tell yet if this will be one of them. I am on the fence. It is a funny show but could be funnier with the right style of comedic timing. I really enjoy Justin Bartha's comedic talent. I find the British actress, Sarah Alexander, is a bit out of place but maybe that is intentional. I am hoping against hope this one will pick up some speed or a few young blooded writers. Either way it is worth giving a go (for a few epi's).
  • Not half as bad as some say... I really enjoyed it.

    Writing a review after the first episode isn't easy, I usualy watch many before I form an oppinion.

    The reason for my review so early is the longwinded ranting and yes, bias 1.5 with an ending about how he wishes he/she could go lower...

    Thats just in a word, lame. The reviewer suggested that the show didn't have any funny moments... It had many, the parts with the "Tasty Cakes" were good, the "golf" scene, and the Principal was good, I also enjoyed the "Dick" character, although he wasn't on nearly enough.

    The first eppisode is to establish characters and relationships.

    The man (or woman) also went into a long rant about racial equality and stuff, but I think he's just as racest for making a big thing about race... what's he going to whine about next? the uneven male/female ratio? For someone complaining about the formulaic nature of the show, his "at least ine of every race just for the sake of not leaving anyone out" idea is a bit overdone too.

    Anyway the show strikes me as good. I'll keep watching it and I hope it survives.
  • The Antidote To Laughter

    Only NBC could bring us "Teachers," a new sitcom about a group of wisecracking, sarcastic, fun loving educators who laugh and learn all the live long day, stopping every now and then to learn a few lessons themselves along the way.

    That's probably how someone pitched the show, but here's what really happens: mediocre actors make bad jokes for 22 minutes until you start desperately trying to remember the combination to the trigger lock on your gun. To be fair, "Teachers" isn't quite as bad some other recent NBC offerings. "Four Kings" for example makes "Teachers" look like "MASH." But to say "Teachers" isn't as bad as "Four Kings" is like saying getting kicked in the face is slightly less painful than getting kicked in the testicles. Both shows were terrible, with "Teachers" being just slightly less terrible. "Four Kings" died a quick death and if the gods of TV have any mercy- the same will be the case for "Teachers."

    Where to begin explaining what's wrong with "Teachers?" That's a good question, because there are just so many possible places to begin. But let's start with the title, "Teachers." Word on the street is that the show was once called "Fillmore Middle" (the name of the school on the show) but I guess NBC decided that name might confuse people, maybe make people think it was about the middle of some guy named "Fillmore," etc. So they changed the name to "Teachers" and added yet another level of mediocrity to a show that had enough strikes against it before any title was ever chosen. Naming your show "Teachers" is like naming "Law & Order" something like "Police." It's generic and boring and bespeaks an offering with little or no originality. That would be even more of a shame if the show were actually decent, but in this case, it's no big loss, since when it comes to "Teachers," generic is the order of the day.

    Next up is the premise of the show. A sitcom about teachers? Now there's an original idea. Of course TV is hardly all about originality, but come on- there's got to be a few careers left that haven't been explored on sitcoms yet. Why not try one of those instead of going back to teachers? The concept has been played out at this point and we can see everything coming a mile away. Let me guess: the teachers are as lazy as the students, one of the teachers is "cool," one teacher is a nerd, one's older and embittered, one's young and dedicated, insert several other lame sitcom stereotypes here, etc. And at the end of the day, we'll discover that these teachers really do care about their jobs and really do want to educate kids, awwwwwwwwww. I'm sorry, but short of having the teachers having sex with or murdering their students- there's really no way to make this premise seem anything but tired and stale. I guess it could be argued that that would be the case with ANY sitcom, but at least a sitcom set around a different profession would bring something slightly newer to the table. Ever seen a sitcom about firemen? Garbage men? Fishermen? No, I haven’t either. Why not focus on something new, rather than go back to the same old watering hole yet again? A sitcom about fishermen might be just bad as "Teachers," but the fact that it's new on some level will at least give us some small glimmer of hope.

    If aliens ever come to earth and ask us to explain what a sitcom is, we can just give them a copy of the first episode of "Teachers" and tell them it contains everything they'll ever need to know about the genre. "Teachers" contains some of the most tried and true sitcom stereotypes ever broadcast; the smarmy sarcastic charming guy, the goofy best friend, the hot girl, someone mistakenly thinking someone else is gay, someone eavesdropping, etc. The characters especially are particularly painful and none more so than the main character. If I see one more sitcom where the main character seems to KNOW he's funny- I'm going to shoot my TV first and myself second. When sitcom characters are in on the joke, guess how much fun that makes it for the viewer. But even beyond that, the characters from "Teachers" have all been done before and done better. They're all straight out of "Sitcom 101," just totally unoriginal and uninteresting. I'm surprised they didn't throw in a "wacky" art teacher or a strict principal- maybe they're saving those for sweeps week?

    I can't really fault the actors themselves, they're just trying to earn a living. But I can fault the casting and fault it I will. The good news is that someone over at NBC seems to have discovered that there are actually other races besides white, because "Teachers" actually has a black cast member. At NBC it's still 1966 in terms of race, but I guess they decided it's okay to let one black guy move into the neighborhood as long as he behaves himself and plays a good second banana to the white guy, etc. Beyond that one casting choice- "Teachers" fails as miserably as any sitcom in recent years. Hey NBC, can we please, please, please see some races BESIDES white on a sitcom? There are plenty of other races to choose from and I'm sure you can find more than one funny person from said race to cast on your show. It sucks to know that the funniest Asian person on the planet has less of a chance of being cast on an NBC sitcom than the unfunniest white person. Wake up, NBC. It's 2006 and while I don't expect an industry dominated by white men to change overnight (or in 60 years) the fact that sitcoms are still so incredibly racially unbalanced is both disturbing and depressing. It takes all kinds to make a world, but over at NBC it takes 99.9999 percent white people (and occasionally one black second banana).

    Even more disturbing than the blatant lack of racial variety on "Teachers" is the blatant lack of any characters over the age of 25. Um, I don't know about the people who created "Teachers," but I went to jr. high school and very few (if any) of my teachers were 25 years old. Or in this case 33 years old, but playing 25. "Teachers" contains only one older character and though he's well cast, the fact that he's the only one over 40 is just insane. A show about teachers where the teachers don't look much older than the students? Oh my yes, that's very very believable. Makes total sense; it's a school where they only hire people under 30, because they want teachers with as little experience as possible. I'm not saying the creators of "Teachers" should only cast octogenarians, but a little practicality would be nice. To cast a group of teachers with such young actors really hurts this already weak show. I know networks have a rule about never casting anyone over 35, but in the case of "Teachers" they should have suspended (get it?) that rule. Or at the very least throw in some older actors to round out the cast. I guess NBC thinks that once an actor turns 50 they put him on an iceberg, light him on fire and push him out to sea, but it turns out that's not actually the case. There actually are some talented older actors around and NBC should have sought them out in the case of "Teachers."

    But to be honest, the true weakness of "Teachers" is simply the writing. It's weak, unfocused and unfunny. As with many sitcoms today, jokes are replaced with sarcasm and though the laugh track seems to find it amusing, the real audience does not. I'm not against sarcasm when it fits, but sarcasm should be used to supplement humor- not replace it. I think this horrible trend started with "Friends," when lines like "could that television BE any bigger" started getting laughs. Only problem is, though that line may fit the character, it can't just be put into the mouth of EVERY character. It's cheap, easy comedy writing that's quickly becoming the norm on sitcoms. To be sure, "Teachers" does contain some actual jokes, though those aren't terribly good either. Lines like "you laugh every time someone says 'penal colony'" are the reason you won't be seeing clips from "Teachers" in 2048 when they run the "100 Years of TV Sitcoms" special. There were a couple of laughs on the show, but to quote my old man, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The writing on "Teachers" is lame and unfunny and though earlier I said at least the laugh track enjoyed it, to be honest there were moments there where it felt like even the clapping machine was having trouble seeming enthusiastic. It's one of the reasons I'm pretty sure machines will one day take over all humanity. If they're smart enough to know when a sitcom sucks, they're smart enough to know how to dominate and enslave humans.

    So there you have it. Bad title, plus bad concept, plus bad casting, plus bad jokes = bad sitcom. "Teachers" is "Must Flee TV" (bad joke, but still better than anything from "Teachers") and should be avoided at all costs. What's really sad is that "Teachers" arrives in the age of "My Name is Earl" and "The Office," two shows that actually ARE funny and original. To me that's like using one of those old cell phones that you have to lug around in a suitcase, when you could have one that fits in your pocket. If a better idea comes along, why blindly cling to the old one, just because it feels familiar? No knock on the traditional sitcom format, because I still feel that works here and there, but on the changing TV landscape, a show like "Teachers" feels terribly antiquated and not in a charming way. The show fails on almost all levels, with its one success being that it brilliantly illustrates what NOT to do on a traditional sitcom. Basically if you want a hit sitcom- just watch "Teachers" and then do the exact opposite. If you follow that lesson plan, your show will run for 10 years, which is about 9 years and 11 months longer than “Teachers” will be on the air.

    NOTE: I wanted to give this show a 0.5 rating, but TV.com will not let me give it anything less than 1.5. When I try, I just get an error message telling me to choose a rating, etc. I'm assuming this is some sort of glitch with the site and not that TV.com is getting kickbacks from NBC. I hope.
  • Its not funny. Maybe its just me, but I never laughed out loud once. I think the most I did was smile. It was amusing in a way, but not funny at all. I knew where I was supposed to laugh but it didn't cut it.

    Its not funny. Maybe its just me, but I never laughed out loud once. I think the most I did was smile. It was amusing in a way, but not funny at all. I knew where I was supposed to laugh but it didn't cut it.

    I felt strangely detached when I watched this. I didn't turn the channel, but I didn't fully enjoy this. I don't even know if I enjoyed it at all. The writing is amusing, but nothing that sticks with you for more than 2 seconds after its said. I've only seen one episode so I can't judge harshly on the characters, though I would like to know more about them. Its like a story filled with characters that I've seen somewhere before, and they are not pulling it off well.

    I don't know what would have to happen to make this better. The actors aren't nearly over zealous enough to make the jokes punch, or reserved enough to make it ironic and strong. You know those people who aren't all that funny but amusing sometimes so you keep them around? Thats who all the characters are like. Maybe it was just an off couple of days. We all know those people, because we are those people at times. Looking forward to how this show develops.
  • A show with a few laughs, and a few fun moments, but ultimately the flat writing for the characters may make this a short run series - this will need a few episodes to determine whether it will be worth a spot on the fall line-up on the Peacock.

    Lured more by the promise of a new comedy on Tuesday night, right before SVU, I decided to give the pilot of Teachers a chance, just to see if it would cut the primetime mustard. From the first episode, it seems as though this series may be able to hold its own, if the writing can perk up in subsequent weeks. Granted, this was essentially an expository episode, but, so far, the characters haven't really been shown to be anything special, and, even with most of the focus on the main character Jeff, failed to show any depth to his character. The humor of the jokes seemed a bit juvenile, and I caught myself developing a couple funnier punchlines through the course of the half-hour. Given the actors and actresses cast for this show, including the lovely Sarah Alexander (from Coupling, one of my favorite BBC guilty pleasures), there's more than enough talent to support the writing, but the humor's going to have to be there to make this show work. This pilot failed to make an impression on me, but shows promise. Give it a few episodes before you make an up or down vote on this program.