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  • A show with a few laughs, and a few fun moments, but ultimately the flat writing for the characters may make this a short run series - this will need a few episodes to determine whether it will be worth a spot on the fall line-up on the Peacock.

    Lured more by the promise of a new comedy on Tuesday night, right before SVU, I decided to give the pilot of Teachers a chance, just to see if it would cut the primetime mustard. From the first episode, it seems as though this series may be able to hold its own, if the writing can perk up in subsequent weeks. Granted, this was essentially an expository episode, but, so far, the characters haven't really been shown to be anything special, and, even with most of the focus on the main character Jeff, failed to show any depth to his character. The humor of the jokes seemed a bit juvenile, and I caught myself developing a couple funnier punchlines through the course of the half-hour. Given the actors and actresses cast for this show, including the lovely Sarah Alexander (from Coupling, one of my favorite BBC guilty pleasures), there's more than enough talent to support the writing, but the humor's going to have to be there to make this show work. This pilot failed to make an impression on me, but shows promise. Give it a few episodes before you make an up or down vote on this program.