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  • Not half as bad as some say... I really enjoyed it.

    Writing a review after the first episode isn't easy, I usualy watch many before I form an oppinion.

    The reason for my review so early is the longwinded ranting and yes, bias 1.5 with an ending about how he wishes he/she could go lower...

    Thats just in a word, lame. The reviewer suggested that the show didn't have any funny moments... It had many, the parts with the "Tasty Cakes" were good, the "golf" scene, and the Principal was good, I also enjoyed the "Dick" character, although he wasn't on nearly enough.

    The first eppisode is to establish characters and relationships.

    The man (or woman) also went into a long rant about racial equality and stuff, but I think he's just as racest for making a big thing about race... what's he going to whine about next? the uneven male/female ratio? For someone complaining about the formulaic nature of the show, his "at least ine of every race just for the sake of not leaving anyone out" idea is a bit overdone too.

    Anyway the show strikes me as good. I'll keep watching it and I hope it survives.