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  • Perhaps the biggest example of how Scrubs has grown in a short 5 years from a floundering comedy, to a megahit. It's having spin offs. Spinoffs that arn't spinoffs. And Spinoffs that are the exact same show, just not funny.

    Please forgive me in this review, I'll be making numerous comparisions to Scrubs, an excellent NBC comedy, and the top of the form.

    In addition I'm going to be a little more opinionated in this review because if I am taking the comparisions obviously we're already braking form, but my opinions are essential as the comparision themselves can be taken any way and I'll illustrate how I arrive at my critism.

    That's not to say the comparision is out of left field. This show comes on after Scrubs, the show that was in that place before was Scrubs repeats, this show was created by two writers from Scrubs, and if you can't guess it, it's almost exactly the same as Scrubs. But it's not.

    The show main characters is basically, take the archtypes from scrubs, (the quirky doctor, the sexy doctor, the black doctor, his girl, the older doctor) and then change one word. Doctor to teacher. Make a few changes (the black teacher doesn't have a girlfriend yet, there's a second white girl in the show, only one "elder" doctor) But the point is the design of the show is blantently obvious.

    This isn't a bad thing. In the early 90s every comic had a tv show, and they always played someone similar to themselves and they did it on EVERY show. And then you have seinfeld, 4 friends have mad cap adventures, then friends 6 friends have mad cap adventures, Everybody Loves Raymond, Raymond's family has mad cap adventures. Each of the shows are different in their stories.

    But that's where this show hits the wall, the show came out of the gates running, but no one saw it speeding up. Instantly from the first episode you're supposed to already know and like these guys. However you don't know them. It's obvious some people will say "oh that's JD, and that's Turk, and that's definatly Elliot" but that's not how you're supposed to do the show. They even have a hookup in the first episode between the "Elliot" (who had the unique trait of passing through, being a temp) and the "JD" characters. Except wait for it. They didn't? and wait for it, she's staying on. Wow. That didn't happen in the first episode of Scrubs.

    It sounds like I'm negative on this show, and yes I am. It's rated a five though, because there's good parts and bad parts. They did remove JD's dream sequence, which could be seen as the best part of Scrub's comedy, but the main teacher's friendship and interaction then becomes more important, there's some decent jokes, and good laughs, but they are infrequent and the characters just don't exude a fun exterior.

    The problems with this show though pretty much stem from two facts. The two creators were creators on Scrubs and they obviously were trying to make something where they didn't have to work with new character types. (NBC likes this formula so writers can move around. they had great success with the L&O, apparently they are trying to get away from L&O however not away from the formula.) And the second problem is that the two creators didn't spend enough time away from Scrubs before creating this show, they likely did it in their off-time and it shows.

    That's again not to say there's no potential, but it hasn't felt ready to take on it's own audience, and moved away from the space between scrubs and Law&Order:SVU's new episodes, would lead to a very quick death. Most of the audience likely hasn't switched channels and went to grab a snack before the new SVUs (so far both episodes have been after new scrubs and before new and highly promoted SVUs.

    If this show had to swim on it's own however it'd definatly lose a lot of popularity, personally if it wasn't for the timeslot, I'd probably drop it another 2 points, but where it is, isn't a huge problem, the fact the show just isn't very good yet is.