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  • I hate this! They were given the best premise and an amazing cast but the acting and writing sucked!

    I tried to like this! I really did. I watched about 4 episodes but once Less Than Perfect started it's mid-season I was out of the classroom! They were given the greatest premise. Teachers! What are they doing in the break room? They aren't really as boring as they seem! They real live goings of teachers! Come on! They had a gem here. It wasn't people didn't give it a chance because I don't know about everyone else but I did. The writing! Don't get me started! It was yuck! They had a great cast. The main guy, that chick from Meet The Parents. I don't know the names but I have seen them in other stuff and the only person doing any acting was that chick from Meet The Parents when she want's Ben Stiller to check his bag and they had a fight. She was th only one doing any acting. Give her a show that i'll watch. I gave it a swinging chance and I feel like it didn't even try. I really wasnted to love this show because the premise rocks but you failed. This show is a real shame....