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  • A bunch of sycophantic, childish teachers and administrators ineptly run a middle school in the UK. Subtle beyond understanding. If watched without sound one would probably believe they were watching a drama, not a side splitting, dark comedy.

    The second seasons cast change at first was hard to take, this isn\\\'t unusual of course. You come to love the cast of a classic and cant bare to see them go.

    How does one describe a sublime dark comedy classic? Well firstly its influences are clearly the modern animated series such as Family Guy. The subject matter sings of that usually reserved for drawn shows. Freezeframe fun and background madness is something rarely seen. The mix of characters who are forced to live together in a school where the children don\\\'t seem to exist, let run free and destroy and degrade anything they choose.

    More than a simple sitcom about teachers, this living classic looks, tongue deeply pressed into cheek, at the inner workings of the minds of those who teach children in an almost invisible public school. Clearly traumatised by their choice of career their chosen paths are simply to humiliate the others who made the same grave mistaken choice.

    Dark and in some cases shocking this is one show that you simply must see to believe. But remember, you need to actually WATCH it or it will just pass you by.