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  • The jokes are second rated and the script is badly written. If this is truly based on the UK version , then why isn't the UK version as bad as this. I dont live in the UK or US. So I'm not one-sided.

    I live in Holland.
    We recently got Comedy central so i was known with the Us version so i began tuning in with the Chanel. We only get it from 6.oo pm to .... eh really late. Nickelodeon is on before.

    So, some people at comedycentral decided to show Teachers on TV. I was hooked and i still am.

    I went surfing on tv.com to see what would happen on the next episodes. Then i found out that there where two Teachers. The UK version and the US version. I thought that like the office, it would probably also be good. Well it wasn't.

    I watched some episodes online and i was mad. (Don't ask me where i saw those illegal copies of them, i know the feds are on this site) LOL

    But back to the point.
    The UK version had a good storyline, it was original and the characters where almost as real.

    The US changed it in a Sit-com. The storyline sucked and the personages where badly thought out. You couldn't relate to them and the jokes where second rated. And most of all, it missed the classical MONDAY, THUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, etcetera thing going on. I am not say that it was bad because the writers probably wanted to make there work different and to not copy everything from The UK version. I understand.

    The other reason was the personages from both shows that where so different. Mostly all of the characters in the UK version where mad and bitter. There where annoyed by everything and who cant relate with that.

    The personages from the US version where just so happy all the time. I dont blame the actors but the dam writers hoe wrote them to do this. The main guy, Jeff is mostly the main person everything is about him. The other personages are just there to make the hole thing pretty. They have no dept in so all and they just stand around him and nod there heads.

    The script is also bad. It looks like it was written by some 11 year old kid how watches a Lott of FRIENDS and has English as third langues. They hold the hole show together with one-line jokes. The UK version didnt have that. The hole situation was funny. How they acted on it, how the saw it. Their personalities. They reaction was something that there characters would totally do. Everything was thought out. That one is different to the other. They all had one personality in the US version except for Dick. He is the only reason that i watched the hole six episodes. Dick is probably the best made character in the hole show. The English women is just ignorant and prejudicial. Not all English persons are like that.

    The UK version looked and was shot like a reality show. But the writers could make the script and make it better.

    The actors where good and acted good considering the material that was given. I blame the writers. They had a good start by stealing it from the Brits but they just made it bad. I am only 14 but i know what i like and i have a stick and selective taste in things. If you can get me happy, your show or movie must be the best. I dont look at thing and say without try that its crap because i do want to enjoy myself with something good.

    My judgement was that the writers should be shot and that if someone ever wants to make such a dull show with some less dept in it, then they should get arrested. It is probably my fault that i think that this is so bad because i take things serious but if you want people to watch the show and wait during commercial breaks to see what is happening then you should make a good show. But hey, I'm dutch but and i should not give a damm about this but NBC is probably going to sell it to some dutch channel then we are forced to watch it.

    So, god this is long, they had a good beginning but they made i worst.

    What do i write long reviews. MMMM...HIHI