Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 11, 2006 on NBC
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It's the yearly schoolympics in which Filmore High competes against town rival Caulfield Prep. They're trained by Jeff, which impresses Alice, until she learns a secret.

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  • This episodes goes to show you how far some teachers are willing to go…

    When Jeff wants his gifted student to be transferred to a school for gifted children, he has to make a bet with the schools principle. If Jeff’s school wins the Schoolimpics then his student can transfer to the new school, if not (since the principle likes Jeff) the Jeff will have to teach summer school at that school. So in order to send his gifted student to the new school, Jeff gets everyone on the schools staff to sign up for the schoolimpic events, and Jeff and the rest of the cast do there best to makes sure that there school comes out on top..moreless
  • A good episode. Some funny parts others were unintentional funny and other things were just silly.

    This series finally has found track. I liked this episode. I even think it was the best so far.

    The sport competition was a bit too stereo type. In one school all teachers have the same height. That’s just not funny, that’s silly.

    I loved the scenes with Alice. She’s the funniest character in this show so far.

    I also liked the scene of Tina, where she tells Phil the connecting between her cup size and her sport bra. Hilarious!!

    The idea of the competition was silly and unrealistic too. Or do you think that a devoted teacher would gamble with a child’s future?

    And then the bets about the next pregnancy: Stupid, but funny.

    One thing I didn’t understand: Why were the condoms collected?!? I mean they are a public school not some catholic church’s school.

    But after all a nice and funny episode, a bit too stereotype, but otherwise good.moreless
  • The sitcom isn't dead, but thanks to shows like "Teachers", it is on life-support.

    Where to start?

    This show is miserable filler while NBC develops something better (hopefully) to fill the half hour after a greatly acted, well written show called Scrubs.

    The jokes are predictable, forced, and too highly dependent on canned audience laughter. It is uncomfortable to watch because the viewer gets the feeling that the actors know the material/dialogue is weak and not funny, and yet they force out the line somehow.

    The premise itself is not believable. No schools anywhere, even in the most ghetto, city neighborhads have such apathetic teachers or teachers with so much free time during the day.

    This week, the Schoolympics episode was written in such a basic, simple way, a high schooler may have wrote it.

    Plus a main running joke in this episode was teasing/tempting a recovering alcoholic to drink.

    The show found some heart at the very end, when the teachers go the extra mile to keep a very smart child at Fillmore high, rather than going to the private school, but even that doesn't work because they spend the 20 minutes leading up to that point convincing the viewers that the faculty couldn't care less about the kids/school.

    Just a train wreck of a show, won't be back next fall!moreless

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    • (Alice enters the teacher's lounge)
      Alice: No need to stop talking – I just need to get my mail!
      Tina: Nobody was talking!
      Alice: Oh, sorry, I just can't tell anymore.

    • Alice: We can offer something Caulfield never can.
      Jeff: Metal detectors?
      Alice: All of us. (gathers all the teachers)

    • Alice: Is that what we're doing with all our gifted kids; send them to Caulfield?
      Jeff: Well we could try to send them some of our idiots, but I don't think they'll take them.

    • Alice: He made a secret wager with the Caulfield headmaster. If we win Martin Saunders gets to transfer to Caulfield Prep.
      Teachers: yea!... booo... (confused) ...yea?...booo?

    • (Calvin slaps a hotdog out of Dick's mouth)
      Jeff: What the hell are you doing? You don't put a hand near Dick when he's about to feed.

    • Jay: You coming to work here I don't know how you do it.
      Jeff: I don't know how you don't like beer. It's just so yummy.

    • Dick: Oww. Why did you punch my arm?
      Calvin: I didn't punch you in the arm.
      Dick: Oh that's not good.
      Calvin: I hope you aren't still thinking about doing that hot dog contest because you're in bad shape.
      Dick: Hey back off I already have a nag at home.

    • Jeff: I grew up with one brother and four bathrooms. I became pretty well acquainted with my body.

    • Dick: (staring at Tina's breasts) What happens to your ummm...
      Tina: It's a sports bra, Dick, it bushes them down.

    • Jeff: You, Alice Fletcher, are the alternate.
      Alice: Yeah. Wait. Doesn't that mean I don't do anything?
      Jeff: Well no. That means that you have the possibility of doing everything and the likelihood of doing nothing.

    • Jeff: And I wanna win schoolympics. Because I believe in this place and I believe in all of you. Well not all of you, but enough of you to actually win.

    • Jeff: I was thinking we could try this year and maybe we could win.
      Teacher: Why? We ain't get no car or nothin.
      Jeff: Well isn't pride worth...Wait. Aren't you an english teacher?

    • Calvin: (to Dick) I thought you said if it wasn't fried, breaded, or filled with nougat you wouldn't eat it?

    • Jeff: There are a lot of different ways to define a loser Jay. Someone who drinks root beer at a bar for instance.
      Jay: I'm a recovering alcoholic Jeff.
      Jeff: Loser.

    • Jay: Man I love kicking your ass. And do you know why?
      Jeff: Because you're not limber enough to kick me in the chest?

    • Mitch: As you know I'm captain of the schoolympics team. Again. And you will be doing the obstacle course.
      Jeff: No I'll be sitting in the stands and laughing at your little dolphin shorts.
      Mitch: Sounds good.

    • Jeff: Martin, I've been busting my ass for you on this because unlike most of these kids you have potential. (other students look) You guys are doing a bang up job.

    • Jeff (Alice pours tea): Girl from England drinking tea. That's like a girl from India...drinking tea.

    • Calvin: Who wants in on the student pregnancy pool?
      Tina: Alright it's not fair I don't know all of their names. Now who's the red headed chick who always wears those capri pants?
      Jeff: That's Bill Franklin and that's a whole other pool.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Spartacus
      The scene where each of the faculty members stands up and announces "I am part of this" is a reference to the movie Spartacus. Specifically, the scene where a crowd of people is addressed and Spartacus is asked to stand up to identify himself but before he gets a chance, the others in the crowd stand up and announce "I am Spartacus" to protect him.