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Team Galaxy

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Team Galaxy is an animated series from Marathon which follows a trio of students at Galaxy High as they learn to balance their lives as regular teenagers while training to become Space Marshals. It blends anime-inspired 2D animation with computer-generated elements. The concept and animation style is similar to that of Totally Spies! which is created by the same production company. Team Galaxy airs internationaly. Team Galaxy airs in Canada daily in the early mornings. And aired in US for a, short time in the fall of 2006. The show's main characters are Josh a 16 year old who is considered a the rebel of the group. Yoko A 15-year-old karaoke-loving wannabe pop singer (who can sing well at all). And Brett a 10 year old genius who despite his brilliance feels restricted by his young age.

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Season 2 : Episode 26

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  • I like

    This is how it all started.....i was switching channels and i got realy bored so i watched cartoon network and that show seemed to be on. So i started watching it and just before i was about to change the channel something happend... It was funny and i laughed...shows that make me laugh i like so i watched it and was actully liked it so dont\'t balme me. yo yo yoo yo yo yo yo yo my homies yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yomoreless
  • Proves that Marathon can't make a good toon to save their lives.

    You know how I feel about Totally Spies! and Martian Mystery was ok, but saddly Team Galaxy is definately no improvement. The idea of a school full of aliens and humans living in harmony is interesting, it was done before and better in the 1980's toon, Galaxy High. While I can let that go, there's a lot of things holding this show back. First of all, the color scheme is horrible. It's like the artists try to cram as many bright colors as they can into one scene. The three main characters themselves aren't any better. Brett's ok, but uninteresting. Josh, the smart kid, is arrogant and annouying. And Yoko, she's just the worst of the bunch. Maybe she'd be less annouying if her voice didn't grate on my nerves (she makes Mandy from Totally Spies! sound heavenly), but she'd still be a whiney valley girl with an overly high opinion of herself. The plots are your typical Marathon shtick which means fairly dull. Trust me, you'd be better off watching reruns of the vastly superior Duck Dogers than this waste of time.moreless
  • What is this?

    I'll tell you what it is. It is a stupid show that they say is good but is stupid. What I hate is before they go to commericals they have the shows logo pop out of nowhere and it zooms in making a weird sound. They are like these kids who try to save the universe by shooting lasers at giant 3 headed, poorly animated dragons. And why do they have some old guy open a briefcase that has pink underwear in it. Then he starts rubbing the underwear on his face and is talking about how he couldn't live without his pink underwear. And they have everything move real fast.

    Stupid show. Will be cancelled May 2007.

    Peace outmoreless
  • Why does everybody hate Team Galaxy??

    Team Galaxy is cool ok at first I will admit I thought this show was going to be so dumb and stupid but I watched and liked it this cartoon is great ok I mean think about what would you rather watch Team Galaxy or My Gym Teacher is a Monkey? You don't have to think real hard Team Galaxy is great to bad Cartoonnetwork didn't give it a chance I hope it gets picked up by another Cartoon Station in the near future but intill then I will be not on a schedule but any I rate Team Galaxy a 10!moreless
  • Not really one of my favs but still good XD

    Team Galaxy is not really one of my favourite shows but it still deserves a high 8.4(ok not that high XD) :) In terms of animation, i got to say that it is really good. My favourite character is Yoko. I like her coz she's funny and all. What i noticed is that in Marathon animations, the smart one gets green eyes, the one that falls in love a lot gets light blue eyes, while umm...the characters always voiced by Katie has yellow eyes (Alex from Totally Spies and Yoko) Overall, i still think Team Galaxy is a pretty good show and i look forward to seeing more soon :)moreless