Team Galaxy

Season 1 Episode 17

Dance Dance Elimination

Aired Daily 4:30 AM Unknown on YTV



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    • Colonol Assault: Back to school, junior! I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget!
      Josh: Oh, great, it's like I'm playing against my dad.

    • Yoko: Fresh on the scene, get ready to be creamed by the most awesome dancing you've ever seen. You've got no chance, you're just a scaredy-pants. Give it up, mega-losers, Yoko's gonna send you back to your space cruisers!
      Josh: Just when I thought her songs couldn't get any worse.

    • Left Foot: So, did you miss me?
      Yoko: Wait, weren't you crushed by a piano after I beat you? But more importantly, how did you get out of that video game?
      Left Foot: There's no way you're gonna beat Left Foot twice in one day.
      Yoko: Okay, two things. Number one, referring to yourself in the third person is so played out. Number two, it was just a game!

    • Brett: This recital features classical songs from the Vesperan Galaxy. It should be really exciting!
      Josh: Oh, boy, I can hardly for it to start! Wake me up when it's over.

    • Yoko: There's no sign of Seth anywhere. You'd better be right about him liking games.
      Josh: No offense, but if he does come, it won't be to watch your unicorn dance.
      Yoko: Oh, Joshy, you just don't understand artists like Seth and I. For us, it's all about the creative soul.
      Josh: Uh-huh. And for gamers like Seth and I, it's all about racking up the points.

    • Brett: Hey, Yoko, what are you doing on the table?
      Josh: Earth calling space cadet Yoko.
      Yoko: He must have realized that we're kindred artistic spirits. He gave me a special invitation to his recital.
      Brett: It's called a flier, and Seth gave them to us, too.

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