Team Galaxy

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Predator Plants From Outer Space, Part 3
      After a recap of the previous two episodes, we catch up with the gang mid-battle with Gangus. Luckily, they're able to turn his storm back at him, allowing them time to escape. The gang has other problems. As they arrive above Earth in their Hornet, they're completely shocked by what they see: the entire planet is now covered with alien plant life! They fear the worst – that is, until they get a call from Spavid. He guides them in through the shield. Back at school, the team explains that, after a close examination of Bravero, they've determined that he is an herbivore. The gang realizes what they need to do to defeat the plant aliens: mass produce the chemical created by the alien insect and deliver it to them!moreless
    • Predator Plants From Outer Space, Part 2
      After a recap of the previous episode, we join the gang at Galaxy High. Thanks to Spavid, the gang is able to activate an auxiliary power source, buying our team (and Omni) just enough time to head out on an important mission: to find out more about the invading plant aliens so they can defeat them! Only when they arrive on the plants' host planet, they make a startling discovery: remnants of a previous civilization, presumably ravaged by the same plant aliens!moreless
    • Predator Plants From Outer Space, Part 1
      When Josh, Brett, Yoko and Fluffy are checking out a satellite for storm damage, they find themselves in the middle of a dogfight between two space crafts. When it becomes clear who the good guy is, the gang helps him run off the bad guy. After welcoming him aboard their ship, they discover that the friendly alien is Omni (the same space marshal that just won the Marshal Of The Milky Way Award, beating out Brett). The gang (with the exception of Brett) takes an instant liking to their new friend and invite him back to Galaxy High.moreless
    • E-I-E-O No!
      E-I-E-O No!
      Episode 23
      When the gang is sent on a mission to check out strange attacks against an intergalactic amusement park designer, they discover clues that lead them, oddly enough, to one of the last remaining space farms in the galaxy. Upon arriving (undercover as farm hands) and meeting the kindly old alien farmer who owns the place, the students try their hand at a variety of intergalactic farming chores as they look for clues. In a b-story, Yoko finally asks Seth out on a date. And Fluffy finds true love with an alien animal.moreless
    • Shades of Gray... Matter
      When Brett grows frustrated with his Galaxy High classmates for not taking their educational endeavors as seriously as he does, he begins to wish he had new friends who were more in tune with his intellect and academic goals. So when he hears about the existence of a legendary secret society of highly intelligent aliens called Frontal Lobe, who are dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, Brett seeks out the clandestine club with designs on joining them. In a b-story, Yoko wants to find out more about Seth so she can figure out how best to impress him. But the task proves to be more difficult than Yoko thought.moreless
    • Trick or Treat
      Trick or Treat
      Episode 21
      It's Halloween time at Galaxy High and Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy decide to head to nearby planet Treat to do their intergalactic trick-or-treating! When they arrive and begin their door-to-door treat gathering, however, they are sorely disappointed. Instead of yummy cosmic candies and delightful space sweets, their bags are filled with an assortment of bizarre alien oddities! Declaring Halloween officially a bust, they decide to head back to school.moreless
    • Cool Hands Marshals
      When Josh, Brett and Fluffy are out helping Yoko practice for her upcoming pilot test, Yoko accidentally backs into a building while she's trying to parallel park the Hornet! When an alien comes running out of the hole in the building, the gang apologizes for what they did and asks if there's anything they can do for him. But the alien declines their offer, then oddly hugs them, thanks them profusely, and runs away. Thinking it's a little strange, the gang shrugs and heads back toward Galaxy High. But just when they think things can't get any worse, the Hornet gets pulled over by the Space Patrol. In a b-story, it's time for the marshals to renew their drivers' licenses.moreless
    • Strange Fruit
      Strange Fruit
      Episode 19
      On the way back from a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett can't believe how hungry they are – so they decide to land on a nearby planet to check out the local cuisine. Unfortunately, when they get there, they find that the planet, with its lush, tropical landscape, is void of any restaurants. As Yoko and Brett are about to leave, Josh spots a tree bearing an abundance of unusual-looking fruit. Brett warns him not to eat it: "Who knows what effect alien fruit will have on the human digestive system?" But Josh isn't worried – after all, a herd of freaky aliens across the valley seem to be eating it without any problem. In a b-story, Josh finally asks Toby out on a date and she accepts.moreless
    • Cosmic High
      Cosmic High
      Episode 18
      When Josh unexpectedly gets a big part on "Cosmic High," the hottest teen space TV show in the entire universe, he's somewhat stoked… and Yoko is incredibly jealous. And when he arrives on set and meets Vera Starbeam, the show's way intense captain and totally dedicated star, he decides that maybe a career on the small screen is the life for him! So much so, in fact, that he makes a huge decision: to leave Galaxy High for a while so that he can pursue his true calling, intergalactic acting. In a b-story, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy deal with life without Josh!moreless
    • Toy Galaxy
      Toy Galaxy
      Episode 17
      When Principal Kirkpatrick, in order to raise money for Galaxy High, announces that he's sold the Team Galaxy toy rights to famed cosmic toy maker Marty McBoogle, the marshals are totally psyched. After all, what could be cooler than having mini replicas of themselves and their ships hit the intergalactic toy market?! And when the alien toy maker comes to visit the school, making molds of the marshals for his action figures and taking personality profiles of them to make the toys as authentic as possible, the gang is even more excited. Unbeknownst of the fact that Rex3 has broken out of Team Galaxy's prison and has a devilish plan to get revenge on the team.moreless
    • The Belly of the Beast
      When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are sent on an assignment to find out what destroyed a cosmic fueling station and caused their friend Spavid to suddenly go missing, they quickly realize this is no ordinary mission. After landing on a large planet to do some investigating, they soon realize that the planet isn't a planet – it's actually a gigantic space creature which is capable of devouring everything in its path – including them! In a b-story, Brett teaches himself about alien anatomy.moreless
    • Treasure of the Solara Moonray
      While on a Ms. Schragger-lead field trip to the far away planet of Solara Moonray, Josh, Yoko and Brett discover what appears to be some kind of mysterious artifact. Though Brett wants to turn it over to Ms. S immediately, Josh convinces him to keep it under wraps – at least until they can learn a bit more about it. Back at school, the team does some secret research and determines that the artifact is actually a treasure map – the notorious Treasure of the Solara Moonray to be exact. The gang vows to keep the map a secret and set out together in the morning to find the treasure. In a b-story, the gang lets greed get the better of them.moreless
    • Super Spavid
      Super Spavid
      Episode 14
      We open on Spavid's home planet, Merthoz, where the space marshals attend a very special ceremony – a ceremony where Spavid is recognized as an official Merthozian adult! When they return to school, Spavid starts to realize that the ceremony was more than just symbolic. As an "adult," Spavid has been bestowed with a wide array of impressive alien powers! Suddenly, Spavid can move objects with his mind; has the ability to become invisible; and discovers that he can fly! Ultimately, Merthoz comes under attack (from its arch nemesis planet Werthoz), and, with Spavid nowhere to be found, the other marshals head for the planet to try and help. In a b-story, Brett becomes jealous of Spavid when his scientific article that was to appear in "Space Cadet Quarterly" gets bumped for an all-Spavid issue.moreless
    • Intergalactic Exchange
      Mr. Spzoercliipw' has some exciting news for the students of his Alien Cultures class: he has arranged for three teams to visit three different alien schools on three different planets, each unique and interesting! Bobby, Toby and Kimball will go to sunny and tropical Lushtopia; Spavid, Andi and Ryan will visit the bustling Hiptropolous; and Josh, Brett and Yoko will be attending Outpost High on Dustbowl 11. Though Josh, Brett and Yoko aren't too excited to be going to the least appealing of the three places, there's no room to wiggle out of the assignment – because Principal Kirkpatrick is looking forward to a week without his mischievous son around! In a b-story, Principal Kirkpatrick is elated that he finally has a week where he doesn't have to worry about constantly disciplining Josh.moreless
    • Star Maps
      Star Maps
      Episode 12
      When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy spot the ship of a colorful "star chart" reader on the way back from a mission, Yoko begs them to make a pit stop. Though Josh and Fluffy think it sounds like a totally fun idea, Brett is reluctant – insisting that star chart readers are nothing more than foolish intergalactic fortune tellers! Regardless, Brett is outvoted and the gang goes inside. Eventually they head back to Galaxy High. But before they can make it to school, Principal Kirkpatrick calls and tells them he has an urgent mission for them. Strange and dangerous phenomena have been popping up all over the galaxy!moreless
    • Monkey Business
      Monkey Business
      Episode 11
      When prominent space researchers, travelers and technicians suddenly go missing around the galaxy, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are put in charge of the investigation. As the gang visits a space station where the first alien disappeared from, it becomes quickly apparent that there was a struggle and the missing alien tech was abducted. Just then, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy receive word from Kirkpatrick that Roskoff, who is out on a patrol in space, has sent him a distress signal. In a b-story, Yoko spearheads a contest to update the design for the school mascot, Blip The Alien. In the end, the GH students vote to change the mascot to Bobo, but Yoko begs them to change it back. Wearing a monkey suit isn't the update she had in mind!moreless
    • Yoko-Mania
      Episode 10
      Yoko fans go wild as Yoko's popularity grows rapidly, bad thing is, Yoko didn't do anything to get the fame. With an impostor Yoko on the run, will the team be able to stop her and get away from all the publicity and fame? In a b-story, Yoko gets a lucky charm which she's convinced is going to help her become more successful.moreless
    • Adventures in Alien Sitting
      Principal Kirkpatrick announces that he's holding a trial for a dangerous alien at Galaxy High. Alien dignitaries from around the universe will be in attendance, including a witness, King Fypon. Josh, Brett and Yoko are all ears when Principal Kirkpatrick tells them that they have a very important role in the trial. But their anticipation quickly turns to disappointment when they find out that their assignment is to look after the King's son, Fypon Jr., whose babysitter canceled at the last minute. In a b-story, Mr. Fitch introduces the students to an awesome new piece of machinery.moreless
    • The Toe is the Foe
      Aliens have been dissapearing from numerous planets and as if that isnt enough Fluffy runs away after bahaving strange. When an old foe crosses the team's path again they find out that this time they do not only have to save aliens but their ultra pet as well.
    • Mr. 6025-a46
      Mr. 6025-a46
      Episode 7
      Principal Kirkpatrick suddenly anounces the retirement of one of their teachers, Mr. Fitch, when his replacement Mr. 6025-a46 takes over his class many students believe him to be the best teacher on Galaxy High however Mr. 6025-a46 might not be as good as he poses to be.
    • Dragodor Madness
      Dragodor Madness
      Episode 6
      As Josh, Yoko and Brett return to Earth from a mission, they suddenly have Hornet problems and are forced to crash land on a small, uncharted planet. When they get out to assess the damage, they realize they're in more trouble than they thought – they've landed in the middle of a strange coliseum where they are left with no choice but to fight a giant, bull-like alien creature! Nonetheless, the aliens hail them as heroes, and are convinced they are just what they need to restore honor to their planet. In a b-story, when the students receive the results of their yearly physical, Brett discovers his stress levels are the highest in school history... so he transforms himself into a slacker!moreless
    • Planet Goodtimes
      Planet Goodtimes
      Episode 5
      When Galaxy High receives calls from various planets around the universe reporting a strange and sudden state of coldness and darkness, Principal Kirkpatrick sends Josh, Yoko and Brett out to investigate. To their utter shock and amazement, what they discover is that these planets are actually missing their suns! And when the gang gets a sudden distress call from Galaxy High, they rush back to Earth… just in time to see a strange alien craft stealing the sun! In a b-story, Yoko wins a weekend getaway to Planet Goodtimes and decides to give it to Ms. Roskoff, who's never taken a vacation in her life, Ms. Roskoff is less than thrilled when the gang shows up to disrupt her much needed rest and relaxation.moreless
    • Cybercop 4000
      Cybercop 4000
      Episode 4
      A newly invented robot named the Cybercop 4000 has been ridding the galaxy of crime and evil, leaving Galaxy High without any missions to perform. Josh, Yoko and Brett are send in to investigate as Galaxy High faces a possible closing
    • The Matchmaker
      The Matchmaker
      Episode 3
      Yoko is spreading out Valentine gifts for everyone and finds out that Mr. S has been a bachelor for 247 years and thinks it's time to do something about it, she puts him on a dating site where he meets with Mantis a cute alien girl who responds to Mr. S's dating profile.moreless
    • Space-Squatch
      Episode 2
      The team gets an assignment to do a project on legendary animals, they decide to do theirs about space-squatch. Josh believes that space-squatch is infact real and not a legend at all and the team decide to go look for him.
    • Marshal for a Week
      When Principal Kirkpatrick learns that Galaxy High is running low on money, he starts a "Marshal of the Week" contest. And the winner gets to spend a week with a team at Galaxy High.
  • Season 1