Team Galaxy

Daily 4:30 AM on YTV Premiered Sep 09, 2006 Between Seasons





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  • Proves that Marathon can't make a good toon to save their lives.

    You know how I feel about Totally Spies! and Martian Mystery was ok, but saddly Team Galaxy is definately no improvement. The idea of a school full of aliens and humans living in harmony is interesting, it was done before and better in the 1980's toon, Galaxy High. While I can let that go, there's a lot of things holding this show back. First of all, the color scheme is horrible. It's like the artists try to cram as many bright colors as they can into one scene. The three main characters themselves aren't any better. Brett's ok, but uninteresting. Josh, the smart kid, is arrogant and annouying. And Yoko, she's just the worst of the bunch. Maybe she'd be less annouying if her voice didn't grate on my nerves (she makes Mandy from Totally Spies! sound heavenly), but she'd still be a whiney valley girl with an overly high opinion of herself. The plots are your typical Marathon shtick which means fairly dull. Trust me, you'd be better off watching reruns of the vastly superior Duck Dogers than this waste of time.