Team Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 11

Et Tu Dante

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

When a madman targets Washington, D.C. landmarks for destruction, the team suspects one of its own to be a saboteur.

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Jim Fyfe

Jim Fyfe


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Odalys Nanin

Odalys Nanin

Tour Guide

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Mark Kryski

Mark Kryski

Voice of WTN Newscaster

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David McCallum

David McCallum


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    • Jenny: Good job, Domino.
      Domino: Honey, next time find me some better looking bad guys!

    • Duke: Never finished putting you together after that last CIA mission, did they?
      Kyle: Actually, they did a great job all things considered.
      Duke: As long as you don't use your arms and legs!

    • Kyle: You're pretty cocky for a guy whose breathing sounds like a full-time job.
      Mobius: We all have our war wounds to contend with, don't we, Kyle?

    • Erica: Gee, I hope you're not some rogue agent with an axe to grind. You know, the government did you wrong and now you're gonna make them pay?
      Mobius: That was rather a lame attempt to manipulate me into saying too much, Erica. I'm disappointed in you.
      Erica: Yeah, well, go to my next family reunion and you'll have a lot of company!

    • Jenny: Do you see anything?
      Domino: Just a man who couldn't even bother with a couple of throw pillows and some artwork. I'll tell you one thing, he's obviously straight!

    • Domino: Sounded more like sexual tension to me.
      Jenny: You know, for a car, you think about sex way too much. It's really kind of disturbing.

    • Clayton: You want me to cook you a burger?!
      Kyle: Yeah, maybe with some fries? That'd be great, thanks.
      Clayton: Fine. Two years at the Sacramento Culinary Institute and I'm a fry cook on a flying bus!

    • Mobius: We're about to play a game. It's called 'Find the bomb before it blows up and kills people.' I never was good with titles, but you get the idea.

    • Kyle: He said the city's finest mall. Erica, no ideas?
      Erica: I don't shop at malls.
      Duke: Yeah, that's right, Kyle. Remember? She just shoplifts them!

    • Kyle: I know what you're up to and I'm through playing games.
      Mobius: You're right, Kyle, no more games. It's time for innocent people to start dying. I've decided to blow up the roof of George's attic and that the torched bodies of innocent women and children be on your conscience.

    • Mobius: It's not over, Kyle. I have a vision to fulfil and nothing, not you, not your team, not even this wretched disease is going to stop me! Good night, sweet prince.

    • Trek: We trusted you, Dennis. The cars trusted you.
      Duke: You were part of a team.
      Dennis: I was never part of the team, never! I came through for you people dozens of times. I risked my life for you and I saved yours. But no matter what I did, you all just saw me as the mechanic.
      Jenny: We were your friends.

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    • Kyle: So you're the man behind the curtain.
      Referring to the moment in the well-loved children's book, The Wizard of Oz, and beloved musical version when the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, said to be all-powerful and wise and who appears in many spectacular forms, is revealed to be an ordinary-looking man, hiding behind a curtain.

    • Mobius: Good night, sweet prince.
      A famous line from the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. It's said by Horatio after many characters have died, and has come to be used when mourning a loved one.