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Team Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1997 on
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Episode Summary

The team must intercept an evil predecessor from exacting revenge on its creator, who aborted the project after the car and its driver went out of control.

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    Alan Coates

    Alan Coates

    Martin Jantzen

    Guest Star

    John B. Wells

    John B. Wells

    Voice of K.R.O.

    Guest Star

    William Bumiller

    William Bumiller

    James Marland

    Guest Star

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      • Mike: Look, the series was like burnt toast. Brosnan was the fresh slice.
        Frank: That's ridiculous. Connery owned the role.
        Mike: Well come on, by the end of Connery's run he had no hair! (realises that Frank hasn't much hair) Not that James Bond can't be bald!

      • Jenny: There's nothing in our computer files that says why he left the Foundation.
        Kyle: I don't know. We just assumed he was looking for new challenges, you know, kinda guy who always looked at reinventing himself
        Jenny: You don't have to tell me. The man who was hand picked to replace Devon Miles, who oversaw the Foundation's revamping, the development of new car technology.
        Kyle: You trying to make me feel insecure?

      • Kyle: Right, the memoirs.
        Jenny: You haven't read them.
        Kyle: I'm reading them.
        Jenny: There's a lot you can learn about leadership.
        Kyle: I said I was reading them and I'm really learning a lot.
        Dante: You told me you'd wished they'd been buried in Grant's tomb.
        Kyle: Thanks.
        Dante: You're the one that wanted to leave the channel open!

      • Trek: Wait a minute, his car drove him crazy?!
        Duke: That can happen?
        Erica: It's happening to me!
        Kat: You think you're so witty!

      • Jantzen: Some might say these chains are overkill. You know why I wear them?
        Kyle: They go with your jumpsuit?
        Jantzen: Pithy, very pithy. I wear them because if I didn't, my keepers know that somehow I would find a way out of here. I'm very determined.
        Kyle: And so is your car.
        Jantzen: We're a two-piece puzzle.

      • Jantzen: Don't you see? The Foundation has learned from its mistake of giving one man too much power. Your cars were designed with weaknesses, in case any one of you went wrong. K.R.O has no weaknesses, your team can't stop him.

      • Marland: You mean you came here without orders? Is there any discipline left at TKR?
        Trek: Well geez, we still keep a single-file line in the cafeteria!

      • Erica: One thing Kyle can never forgive is someone who puts their ego above the safety of others and that's exactly what Marland did.
        Trek: That's a very sensitive and insightful observation. What have you done with Erica?!

      • Jantzen: Remember, I was his personal choice to replace Michael Knight. He fought the higher-ups just to appoint me. Marland was convinced that he and I were the new team. Unfortunately, lightning seldom strikes twice.
        Kyle: Too much for you stepping into those shoes, huh?
        Jantzen: Mmm, you should thank me.
        Kyle: Why?
        Jantzen: For saving you the humiliation of having to try them on for yourself.
        Dante: I hate to interrupt this marvellous verbal jousting, but we've got company.

      • Erica: He'll kill you!
        Marland: I think its time that I faced up to my mistakes.
        Erica: Yeah, well we'll keep that on our list of options. (to Trek) Guy picked a hell of a time to become honourable!

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • In the opening scene, the hugely successful and popular James Bond series of films are discussed, particularly those starring Sean Connery, often cited as the best Bond, and Pierce Brosnan. Based on the books by Ian Fleming, James Bond is a British secret agent who famously enjoys martinis 'shaken, not stirred' and the company of beautiful women. So far, he has been played on screen by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.