Team Knight Rider

(ended 1998)


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  • I really liked it. It was interesting and was just getting into its rhythm when it was cancelled.

    A good adventure show with great characters and a growing plot. I can see a great show coming out of it, if it would have been given the chance.

    The characters had good chemistry, even the nonhuman ones. They were, for the most part, believable and you could actually relate a little to them. The relationships were fun to watch develope and change over the season.

    The plot was good, it made you come back to watch the next episode. If given the chance it could have finished with it\'s story arcs and given us at least a little closure, unlike with what we were left with at the end.

    Overall it was a good show and was fun to watch. It was personally one of my favorites, still is, but it doesn\'t look like there\'s a chance to ever get more to it, unless you\'re a reader of fan fiction.
  • I would not know i never saw it! I would like to see it if scifi would only put it on it is the kind of thing i'd like no mater how slow or writen.

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  • A interesting spinoff -- just poorly executed.

    Honestly, this show really had a great cast -- probably too good, well too big anyways. This show suffered from just too many characters. They had 5 leads with 5 talking cars... That's 10 main characters and many of them just didn't do anything for entire episodes. The producers probably wanted a grand scale to the show, but instead got a hobbled together result further limited by their low budget. Some episodes really were unbearable to watch: loaded with cliched material. Others were awesome and original. It was a definite hit or miss situation from episode to episode.
  • Interesting show.

    This show temporarily brought back my childhood. I would sit and watch it waiting for a black trans-am to come barreling up to the team and demand, in a british accent no less, to know what was going on.

    In my mind this show died because noone knew about it. Had they aired it at a decent time perhaps it would have done better. I had to stay up till 1am to watch it.

  • when team knight rider was just getting interested someone cancelled the show.

    Team knight rider was quite interesting my favourite episode was K.R.O. the knight reformulation one kind of a predecessor to K.A.R.R. the knight automated roving robot and the last episode when mobious took K.I.T.T. central processing unit out of that team knight rider head quarters and they all came to michael knights grave and he was standing there then they cancelled the show that was sad I hope they bring it back.