Team Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 12

The Bad Seed

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1998 on



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    • Guard: Well, I think I should tell you we're with the fire department and we might have to write you ladies up – for being such hot numbers!

    • Erica: I wonder whose idea it was to pair you and Kyle.
      Jenny: (defensively) I don't have to work with Kyle, I don't. It just seemed to work out that way.

    • Beast: Say, Duke, I just want you to know, up on Sky One, you staying with me and all, I appreciate it.
      Duke: Thanks, Beast.
      Beast: But don't let it go to your head or anything, all right?
      Duke: Trust me, I know you won't let that happen.

    • Duke: We've got to hope Sky One isn't far off. We should be trying to contact them. One of us should go back to Attack Beast.
      Trek: Okay, so its dive in amongst a hundred man-starved women, yeah yeah yeah, or wait in Attack Beast. He's your truck.
      Duke: Yeah, but you know all the computer stuff. Trek, Team Knight Ride needs you. You're the smart one.
      Trek: And you get all the girls?
      Duke: It just works out what way, buddy.

    • Beast: (after Missy puts her bag on his hood) Hey, watch the paint job!
      Missy: It talks?
      Trek: Way too much.

    • Kat: Whoever you send to San Cartego should be of the female gender.
      Kyle: Okay, but I don't want to send both of you.
      Erica: Kyle, if I could just add....
      Kyle: That you'd like to volunteer?
      Erica: Well, actually, I thought I'd point out that Jenny has had Marine jungle training, has made amphibious landings, and never gets sick. I, on the other hand, am severely allergic to pollen, anything green gives me a rash, and you did put me in charge of the communication problem. But, its your call.

    • Kyle: Can you fly this plane on two engines?
      Wyatt: As long as I'm not sober.

    • Jenny: (about her bikini) It would help if this get-up had some place to hide a side-arm.
      Trek: I'm sorry, it was either that or a thong.

    • Duke: (about Jenny's bikini) You know if you wore more outfits like that, you'd be a hell of a lot more popular.

    • Kyle: How's navigation coming?
      Wyatt: These boards are fried crisper than a fair-skinned redhead on the 4th of July!

    • Duke: You wanna wipe out everybody with this virus and start over?
      Dr Toma: The human race is a filthy, disgusting, disease-ridden abomination. It doesn't deserve to survive.
      Trek: Oh, that doesn't quite ring true. If you really felt that way, why the big plan to repopulate?
      Duke: Unless trapping these beautiful women here's part of a revenge plot.
      Trek: Yeah, revenge against them for having ignored you your whole life.
      Duke: Stuck with you as the last man on Earth. Eventually they'd have to let you get close to them.
      Dr Toma: Don't be so vulgar. I would never touch any of them, I have technology to do that for me.

    • Erica: I love your highlights, whose your colourist?
      Woman: I'm a natural blonde.
      Erica: Oh man, I'm a better liar and I'm one of the good guys!

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    • Trek: I'm sorry, Kyle, this sounds like the work Miss Moneypenny should be doing, not James Bond.
      Miss Moneypenny is a character in the popular James Bond series of books and films. She is secretary to M, head of the British Secret Service, and known for the sexual tension between herself and Bond.