Team Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 2

The Magnificent T.K.R.

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1997 on
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Episode Summary

Jenny leads the team south of the border to catch an outlaw who's stolen a device that could threaten national security.

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    Alan Gelfant

    Alan Gelfant

    Jean-Claude Laval

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    Roger Callard

    Roger Callard


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    David Combs

    David Combs

    Daniel Waldo

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      • Jenny: I'm right on top of him. We just crossed the Mexican border a few miles back.
        Kyle: Hope you brought your passport.
        Jenny: Nope, smashed right through the barrier. It'll be in my expense report.
        Kyle: Women drivers.

      • Trek: Okay, lets move in fast and take 'em out.
        Jenny: Right, before they get a chance to get organised.
        Trek: Right right right, that and the new season of The Real World starts tonight.
        Erica: And you guys say I'm the one who doesn't have my priorities straight!

      • Waldo: My name's Waldo.
        Trek: Oh hey, they finally found you!
        Waldo: Oh clever.

      • Kyle: 12:22 in fifty seconds, 12:23 mark. Go at exactly 12:28.
        Trek: (quietly, to Erica) I'm sorry, my mind wandered. What time is my watch supposed to say?
        Erica: I don't know, I was faking it. (they grin at each other)

      • Jesus: Do you have superpowers?
        Duke: Uh, no.
        Jesus: Secret identities?
        Duke: No.
        Jesus: Do you wear a cape?
        Duke: No! But we do have cool cars.

      • Kyle: Get back here pronto.
        Dante: Or as quickly the shoddy workmanship of this vehicle allows!

      • Waldo: The most powerful magnet ever created. When fully charged, it's capable of pulling a satellite out of the sky or bringing down a passenger aircraft.
        Trek: And obviously when you shift it in reverse it can repel objects over long distances.
        Erica: I wanna know who spends their time coming up with stupid weapons like this!

      • Waldo: I decided to brief him about the device in great detail.
        Jenny: So wait a minute, you're as responsible for this mess as I am.
        Nick: Oh no no no, he's much more responsible!

      • Girl: So why aren't you wearing uniforms like a real superhero team?
        Erica: Oh, they're really uncomfortable.
        Boy: The Power Rangers always wear their uniforms.
        Erica: We'll work on it, okay kid? Enough about the damn uniforms.
        Trek: Love seeing those maternal instincts sneak out.
        Erica: Shut up!

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    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • The title "The Magnificent T.K.R." references the movie and television franchise The Magnificent Seven.

      • Trek: Right right right, that and the new season of The Real World starts tonight.
        The Real World is MTV's most successful reality show. Airing since 1992, each series depicts a group of strangers living in a house together for several months, recording how they interact and work together.

      • Waldo: My name's Waldo.
        Trek: Oh hey, they finally found you!
        Where's Waldo?, known as Where's Wally? outside of the USA and Canada, is a series of children's picture books. In each full page of busy illustrations, readers are intended to find the figure of Waldo, always dressed in his distinct red and white striped shirt, glasses, bobble hat, and blue jeans.

      • Boy: The Power Rangers always wear their uniforms.
        Power Rangers is a hugely successful children's superhero series, based on and using footage from the Japanese Super Sentei series. It usually features a group of diverse teenagers who are given Ranger powers which allow them to transform into superheroes wearing brightly-coloured spandex outfits.

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