Team Knight Rider

Season 1 Episode 14

The Return of Megaman

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1998 on
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Recruiting a reluctant former member is the team's only chance to diffuse a satellite weapon that crashed into Earth after falling out of its orbit.

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      • Kyle: It's basically a big bomb on wheels, programmed to drive to the centre of its targeted area and release a neutron blast that wipes out millions.
        Duke: What kind of nut comes up with this kind of stuff?
        Erica: Trek.
        Trek: Hey, I had nothing to do with this one!

      • Erica: (about Plato) What's he doing?
        Trek: Watching Charlie's Angels on TNT, it's his favourite show. I didn't want him to miss it, it's the one where Cheryl Ladd wrestles an alligator!

      • Trek: Plato, Kat, we'll be back soon.
        Kat: Go ahead, leave us here with all the street trash. Do you know how much they can get for our parts? We're not exactly a couple of Kawasakis!

      • Plato: It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, Mr Rogers.
        Kat: The only Mr Rogers I see is a crack dealer with an Uzi under his coat!

      • Beast: Listen, you moron, it's been a rotten day. We're tired as all hell and we got two tons of death on our tail so shut your trap and get in!
        Duke: He's not one for small talk.

      • Jenny: We just need you and your family off the property now.
        Farmer: Over my dead body!
        Duke: Well, it would sure make our job a whole lot easier!

      • Erica: I think Summer was really lucky.
        Ken: It's hard for me to see why.
        Erica: Well, I've never had a man care that much about what happened to me.
        Ken: Maybe it's time you did.

      • Kyle: Remember, Dante, the timing of this is crucial.
        Dante: Please, I'm the one whose supposed to be condescending!

      • Erica: I guess that means we're almost out of time. Shouldn't you two be getting back to Sky One and getting as far away from here as you can?
        Duke: Hell, no! We're a team, one of us goes down, we all go down.

      • Erica: You know, he really liked you. I don't think he ever had a fan before.
        Trek: A lot of good it did him.
        Erica: I know, Superman isn't supposed to die.
        Trek: Actually, he did a few years back in the comics. But they brought him back.
        Erica: I don't think that's going to happen here.

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      • Trek: Watching Charlie's Angels on TNT, it's his favourite show. I didn't want him to miss it, it's the one where Cheryl Ladd wrestles an alligator!
        Charlie's Angels (1976 - 1981) was a hugely popular and iconic series about three beautiful former cops working as private investigators for the mysterious Charlie. The original Angels were Sabrina (Kate Jackson), Jill (Farrah Fawcett) and Kelly (Jaclyn Smith). After Fawcett left the show, Cheryl Ladd joined the team as Jill's sister, Kris.

      • Trek: Lets just see how fast the Flash here can run.
        The Flash is a superhero featured in DC Comics, possessing 'super speed' which gives him abilities such as running at extremely high speeds and lightning-quick reactions. Those who have possessed these abilites and the name most famously include Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen.