Team Sanchez

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Mar 15, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • It was OK. Not good but just OK.

    It was OK. Not good but just OK. At times, Team Sanchez really bores the hell out of me but there were many savoring moments that made me watch it til the very end. Recommended only if you have time to kill.The story of this show is ok, but no way to say "This is nice".
  • What can i say about this show besides...jack ass who? If uy hate this show u must be dumb or blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show proves that pain is great.... My parents use to think that me and my friends were dumb for doing stuff like that for all these years and now that this show has come on she thinks we need to keep it up since we have been doing things like that for 8 years.
  • This is a show that makes you stupid just by watching it. It is so idiotic it's unintentionally funny.

    This is just a blatent rip-off of jackass. With one exception jackass actually was funny and had character. This show on the other hand has generic characters and will make idiots think it is stupid. Jackass actually had good production this show is abysmal people who are'nt from the u.k. will have a hard time understanding what the hell they are saying. I watched an entire episode and could not understand what they where saying. At least Jackass did humorous stunts that where outrageous and entertaing this show is just stupidity at its best. I'm sick and tired of people saying that this show is better than Jackass it is not. They might do more idiotic and physcotic stunts but it is not better. One thing they maybe could do is come to america and do a tour now that could be funny I hope they do then maybe the show would be more tailored for American audiences, but until then stay clear of this show.
  • Lbrown I have to disagree.

    Team Sanchez is SICK and in that perverse yet good way, but to say it KO\'s Knoxville and the boys is a bit much. If you are a fan of Jackass at all you\'d realize that as wild and sick as Sanchez is alot of what they do was already done on jackass. Example Pancho getting hit with the stapler 3 times if your recall Steve-0 had Jackass stapled to his ass a few years earlier by my count thats 4 extra staples. Plus there was nutball, Steve-o snorting wasabi and curry. But aside from all the sick sick stuff on both shows you have to admit that Party Boy AKA Chris P rocks. Oh yeah and if you want pain how bout Knoxville getting KOed by the hardest hitting man on earth. The only one that Knocks out Knoxville is the badass Butterbean. Sanchez and Jackass equally amaze me! Long live PANCHO AND STEVE-0
    PEACE T-Low
  • A painfully funny show!

    This show is hilarious and will make you cringe by what these guys do.I first watched this not knowing what to expect I thought it might be a copy of Jackass but no!,this show is way more painful than Jackass.I dont understand why they call it Team Sanchez but I still dont need to know the meaning of the title to know its a good show.I think Jackass used to be pretty good but they have gone soft and well...aren't airing anymore.This show hurt me and they were the ones doing the stupid massocist(but its hilarious),I think this show will probably get cancelled but hopefully they will go down with a bang.This show is panfully funny and will give you a sense of what there doing,in a painful manner.
  • Sanchez KOs Knoxville

    Team Sanchez makes MTVs Jackass look like a tupperware party ... these guys do things to themselves that make you pee a little bit in your pants ... i had to look away and i found my body in the strangest positions ... tivo this show so that you can show your Mom