Team Umizoomi

Daily 11:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jan 25, 2010 In Season


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Team Umizoomi

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This show works to teach math to preschool age children. It follows a boy, a girl and a break-dancing robot who fix small problems in their city, all of which include math-related solutions.

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  • My Review On Team Umizoomi

    THIS IS MY #1 WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!! IT RIPPED OFF TEEN TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying, yet very close to Kai Lan.

    This show is pretty bad. I just wish that I could squish those three poopheads for once. The animation is TERRIBLE!!! Some of the characters barely move, and some of them also have better animation! Why??? In other words, the framerate sucks, too. Also, why does Bot look like the Android logo? Not to mention, why does Geo look like someone who is making fun of Mega Man? Since season 2, the original voice actress for Milli supposedly got fired and was replaced with Rest In Peace headphone users! The newer Milli voice is so irritating and feels like nails scraping on a chalkboard while a fork scraping a ceramic plate! UGH! In season 3, the show went too far with the guns and swords and other dangerous weapons. REALLY? IS THIS INVESTIGATIVE DISCOVERY!? Once again, I know this is for kids, but none of my younger family members don't like it.

    UPDATE (4/13/14): I've been experiencing more problems with this show. Geo talks way too fast and doesn't give your kids enough time to say anything. Also, I saw an episode which made fun of MLP: FiM. What's next? Viacom buys Hasbro?! Geez, ViaCUM tries to cash in with everything it catches eye contact with! Wow, this show is BAD!moreless
  • Not teaching kids anything

    This show premiered just after the year 2009 ended, which was a very stressing year for me.

    In 2009, I finally gave up on SpongeBob during it's sixth season, because the new episodes were really dumb. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends also ended that year, which brought tears to many, me included.

    But entering the 2010s decade was a big step forward in life for me, as well as television as we know it.

    But this wasn't a good way to start off the decade. This show is honestly really stupid and it teaches kids nothing but to be annoying and obsess about numbers all the time My god, kids shows these days. Not recommended.

  • really

    It's is a kids show people, and better then 90% of the crap out there now. it is made for preschooler's.

    Get off the net and get a life you pretentious slackers.
  • cool!


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Preschoolers, Grade Schoolers